Tick’et To Fleadom Waterless Shampoo 250ml
Tick’et To Fleadom Waterless Shampoo 250ml
Tick’et To Fleadom Waterless Shampoo 250ml
Tick’et To Fleadom Waterless Shampoo 250ml
Tick’et To Fleadom Waterless Shampoo 250ml
Tick’et To Fleadom Waterless Shampoo 250ml
Tick’et To Fleadom Waterless Shampoo 250ml

Tick’et To Fleadom Waterless Shampoo 250ml

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Captain Zack Tick’et to Fleadom is made with some of nature’s finest ingredients such as Lemongrass and Citronella essential oil for your peace of mind and a happy pet. This waterless shampoo offers a stress and mess-free way to keep your dog clean, repel ticks and maintain healthy skin.

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    Spray on the fur and massage lightly. Gently wipe to remove dirt, grime, and oil. Repeat if necessary. Dry with a soft and absorbent towel. Comb or brush out immobilized the ticks & fleas.
    No need to rinse coat with water. Safe for puppies over six weeks old. Suitable for daily use. 
    For best results: Use it daily

    Lemongrass Essential Oil
    Lemongrass Essential Oil is an effective cleanser for all skin types. It can sterilize your pet’s pores, serve as a natural toner, strengthen their skin tissues and hair follicles. Its skin healing and bacteria killing properties will leave your pet’s coat shiny, fresh, and odour free.
    Lemongrass is recommended for the following reasons:
    1. Natural tick & flea repellent
    2. Natural deodorizer
    3. Stress reducer & relaxant

    Citronella is very well known as an insect repellent and is effective against mosquitoes and other harmful pests. It has anti-fungal properties and deters harmful disease-carrying ticks and fleas. Research has suggested that Citronella Oil can help calm barking pets, while giving your pets a citrus- like aroma.
    Citronella has following benefits:
    1. Natural fungicide
    2. Natural deodorizer
    3. Calming

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Darshan Mahale
    Causes itching on my dogs skin

    The day I applied this shampoo on my dogs skin, her body started itching.
    She was in very bad stage of itching all the day.
    Very horrible shampoo. I would not suggest this to any at all.
    Really a nightmare!!!

    Heaven !!

    This product is so good. Like seriously get it. My indie had a tick and flea problem. I literally brushed her today and so many fleas and ticks came out. It's also drastically keep them ticks and fleas away. The smell is amazing!!

    Tantumita Das

    Tick’et To Fleadom Waterless Shampoo 250ml

    Jonathan Jayakaran

    Tick’et To Fleadom Waterless Shampoo 250ml

    Anusha Kohli

    Tick’et To Fleadom Waterless Shampoo 250ml

    Harshita Sharma
    Decent product!!!

    Cleans decently!! My pawbuddy has a wound on his leg so i can't give him a bath. Hence, ordered this dry shampoo. Smells good but it's difficult to remove stubborn dirt.

    Balaje Mantravadi
    Nice product

    Effective product

    Nomita Sawhney
    Great product

    Smells great and the pet loves it

    Kaviya Ramesh

    Tick’et to Fleadom Waterless Shampoo 250ml </br> Repels Ticks and Maintain Fresh Coat

    Zarine Punnoose

    I bought both waterless shampoos - bling on the shine n ticket to fleadom. I must say the concept is amazing and since mine is a 2month old pup frequent baths are not possible. So the waterless shampoo makes sure he is clean n does not stink. But with that said, I am not very satisfied with ‘bling on the shine’ shampoo - it was not up to the mark. Also the bottle/sprayer was defective.
    However ticket to fleadom is just awesome- with one wash the fleas are gone n it’s leaves a very pleasant smell.