Ayurveda And Chill Chicken Jerky Treats
Ayurveda And Chill Chicken Jerky Treats
Ayurveda And Chill Chicken Jerky Treats
Ayurveda And Chill Chicken Jerky Treats
Ayurveda And Chill Chicken Jerky Treats
Ayurveda And Chill Chicken Jerky Treats

Ayurveda And Chill Chicken Jerky Treats

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Chicken Breast Jerky With Ayurvedic Goodness Of Ashwagandha And Turmeric.

Captain Zack Ayurveda and Chill Chicken, Ashwagandha & Turmeric Jerky Treats are made using ingredients that come directly from the purest sources to ensure that they are free from any toxic or unhealthy processes. They are then cooked in small batches using a recipe that is nutritious and incredibly tasty.

There’s a reason we use Chicken, Ashwagandha and Turmeric. You see, Chicken is lean meat that’s low on calories and high on protein, essential for building lean muscle mass. It contains Omega 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny coat, plus amino acids and glucosamine which promote good bone health. Ashwagandha has a calming effect on nerves and helps your doggos relax and take a total chill pill while Turmeric, on the other hand, is great for immunity.


  • 1. All Natural
  • 2. Preservative Free
  • 3. No Fillers
  • 4. No Additives
  • 5. Human Grade
  • 6. Great Taste
  • 7. High Protein
  • 8. Low Calorie
  • 9. Ayurvedic Infusion
  • 10. Natural Healing
  • 11. Boosts Immunity
  • 12. Calms and Reduces Anxiety

"Because Healthy Pets Live Longer!"

  • Captain Zack’s Ayurveda and Chill Chicken Jerky with Ashwagandha and Turmeric can be fed directly from pouch to pooch.
  • Simply tear open the packet, break a piece of the jerky into small pieces and feed them to your pet.
  • Remember to keep a bowl of fresh water on hand, to make sure your pet is hydrated.
  • Once the pouch is open, be sure to reseal it or keep it in an airtight container.
  • After opening, consume the contents within a month.

Chicken Breast: The Breast is the part of the chicken with the most protein, and the lowest amount of fat. This highly nutritious cut of meat is perfect for our low calorie treats, and is used with no fillers or preservatives.

Ashwagandha: Commonly known as the Indian winter cherry, or Indian Ginseng, Ashwagandha has been a mainstay in ayurvedic medicine for millennia. Ashwagandha has these specific benefits: 
o Anti-inflammatory
o Anti-tumorigenic
o Boosts Immunity
o Calms the nerves

Turmeric: A mainstay in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, Turmeric has been used for a variety of ailments. With the powerful compound Curcumin, Turmeric (commonly known as Haldi) can not only aid humans but also our furry friends. The benefits of Turmeric are: 
o Anti - Inflammatory
o Anti - Tumorigenic
o Good for Arthritis
o Used to treat Gastrointestinal issues

Customer Reviews

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Kizzy Paryani
Tempting and Drooling

Treats are so tempting and drooling. Kizzy just loved the crunch of it and we as her parent loved the goodness and natural ingredients in it.