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The Shih Tzu Groom Box

Rs. 2,000

One of the best parts of having a Shih Tzu as your pet is grooming that wonderfully soft and luxurious coat. These happy and affectionate dogs have a fulsome coat which should be bathed weekly or every other week.  The frequency of baths depends on the thickness of the coat and the lifestyle of your Shih Tzu. As compared to a clean coat, a dirty coat will tangle and mat quicker and more often. Are you planning to bring home your own Shih Tzu but don’t know where to begin with grooming?
Fret not! 

  • Bling On The Shine (Waterless Shampoo) – 250 ml

Captain Zack Bling on the Shine offers a stress and mess-free way to keep your dog clean and smelling fresh, in between baths and dog washes.

  • Shea Pleasure Sniffing You (Shampoo) – 200 ml

Shea Pleasure Sniffing You is a Conditioning Shampoo for dry, itchy and sensitive skin. It will soothe and rejuvenate your dog’s skin while providing vital nutrients to his/her coat. In addition, it prevents irritation and is a natural fungicide.

  • My Coat Can Gloat (Leave-in Conditioner) –  100g

My Coat can Gloat is formulated with Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Cucumber Seed Oil to soothe and hydrate dry skin. It also keeps the coat healthier in between baths. For best results, apply directly to the coat after bathing and drying. Recommended for bi-weekly use.  

  • Paw’sitively Smooth (Paw Butter) – 100g

Paw’sitively Smooth protect’s your lovely pooch’s paws and elbows from cracking and chapping.

  • Excuse Me, Fleas! (Shampoo) – 50 ml

Captain Zack Excuse Me, Fleas! is an anti-microbial dog shampoo with essential oils and plant-based ingredients that eliminate ticks and fleas.

  • Tick’et to Fleadom (Waterless Shampoo) – 50 ml

This waterless shampoo offers a stress and mess-free way to keep your dog clean, repel ticks and maintain healthy skin.

  • Doggie Dabbas Veg Treat – BERRYBLAST CHEESE JERKY – 100gms

Doggie Dabbas Berryblast Cheese Jerky is a delicious treat, packed with antioxidants to strengthen your dog's immune system. They aid in detoxing & keeping the brain activity healthy! It is indeed Berry Cheesy.


  • Doggie Dabbas Non Veg– CHICKEN JERKY – 85gms

Doggie Dabbas chicken jerky is a single ingredient treat that is crunchy and flavorsome with zero carbohydrates and a high protein content, making it the perfect treat. This preservative free Jerky is perfect for puppies to chew on and adult doggies to gobble down. 

  • Towel – 1 pc
  • Toy - 1 pc

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Good product my puppy likes to bath again. After bathe puppy coat very shine and smooth. The smell was good it's mild. Finally coming to the Capt Zack officers, especially the founder Mohit sir he is very good human and his is not a money mind owner selling product and earning money. I never seen this type of owner. Feel proud to spoke with you sir.

Thanks for selling good product with customer satisfaction


The Shih Tzu Groom Box

Best pawwwwwwsieeee

My pup hair coat feels so soft and I love your products sooooooo muchhhh <3


The Shih Tzu Groom Box

Amazingly good

Amazingly excellent products..very good quality..coat feels much smoother..


Amazing line of products.



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