Bling On The Shine Waterless Shampoo 250ml
Bling On The Shine Waterless Shampoo 250ml
Bling On The Shine Waterless Shampoo 250ml
Bling On The Shine Waterless Shampoo 250ml
Bling On The Shine Waterless Shampoo 250ml
Bling On The Shine Waterless Shampoo 250ml

Bling On The Shine Waterless Shampoo 250ml

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Daily use spray to keep your pets clean of dirt and smelling fresh between baths.

Captain Zack offers the best waterless dry shampoo for dogs. Designed to keep your pet clean and fresh even on his non-bath days

Bling on the Shine is made with some of nature’s finest ingredients for your peace of mind and a happy pet. This waterless shampoo offers a stress and mess-free way to keep your pet clean and smelling fresh between baths.
It’s natural no-rinse formula is blended with Lavender and Chamomile to soothe and moisturize your pet’s skin. Tap into nature’s power with this gentle spray cleanser made with its nourishing qualities and natural extracts to give fur a super shine. Safe for everyday use.
Safe for all dog breeds, including puppies and aged dogs.

 "A Clean Pet Is A Healthy Pet!"

Spray on the fur and massage lightly. Gently wipe to remove dirt, grime, and oil. Repeat if necessary. Dry with a soft and absorbent towel and then simply brush, comb or blow dry.  No need to rinse coat with water. Safe for puppies over six weeks old. Suitable for daily use. 
For best results: Use daily

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It contains prostaglandins, which reduce inflammation, promote healing and alleviate allergic reactions. It calms the skin and relieves your pet’s discomfort.
Aloe Vera has following benefits:
1. Soothes skin
2. Heals wounds
3. Anti – fungal
4. Anti-bacterial
5. Anti-inflammatory

Chamomile extract has anti-inflammatory properties that help calm the skin. It also possesses anti-microbial properties and is considered a soothing herb, which means it can be used to ease your pet.
Chamomile has following benefits:
1. Calms
2. Soothes Skin
3. Anti-inflammatory

Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil nourishes your pet’s coat and skin. It soothe the skin leaving the coat incredibly soft. Coconut Oil protects your pet from illness and speeds healing. 
Coconut Oil is recommended for the following reasons:
1. Heals
2. Reduces allergic reactions
3. Creates sleek and glossy coats

Papaya Extract
Papaya Extract has skin-conditioning and nourishing properties, which is why it’s a featured ingredient in this grooming product. The natural power of papaya leaves your pet’s skin healthy and soft.
Papaya Extract has the following benefits:
1. Conditions skin
2. Nourishes skin
3. Promotes healthy and soft coat

Wheat Protein
Wheat Proteins are embedded with natural lipids, giving a cationic charge that enables it to not only bond onto your pet’s hair and skin, but also provide enriched conditioning. It gives your pet’s hair better body and    control. It also reduces brittleness and limpness with dramatic effects on damaged hair. It makes the coat stronger and healthier.  It is proven to provide balanced moisture to nourish hair and skin and create a beautiful and healthy look.
Wheat Protein has the following benefits:
1. Enriched conditioning
2. Adds shine and make fur manageable

Oat Protein
Veterinarians recommend Oatmeal baths as they have the ability to clean your pet’s skin and hair in an efficient manner without causing irritation, along with balancing pH levels. Oatmeal helps to soothe uncontrollable itching
Oatmeal has anti-inflammatory properties and is perfect for the following situations:
1. Balances pH level
2. Reduces itchiness
3. Anti-inflammatory
4. Reduces tick & flea infestation

Lavender Essential Oil
Lavender Essential Oil is recommended to prevent skin infections. It is also for pets who are stressed out at bath time as it possesses calming and healing properties. 
Lavender has the following benefits:
1. Healing
2. Calming
3. Bug or Insect repellent

Customer Reviews

Based on 143 reviews
Spray mechanism

I am using Bling on the Shine since the past few months. The spray mechanism stopped working in the last 2 bottles.

Aleyamma Benjamin
Not sure ....

The shine is there ...but there is no smell and heavy shedding is there .

Useless Product

Really the most useless product you can buy in the market for your dog. The dispense doesn't work properly and it's just a mixture of Soap and water, please buy an actual dry wash.


An affordable pet cleaner i would say xd after using this on my dog , i would say that it is favourable to my dog' fur and skin . Secondly it does have a good fregrence and is long lasting if we talk about durability ....

My labrador got itching issues.

Product seems okay but it doesn't suite my pet.

Good product but nozzle stopped working

I used it for like 3 times for my puppy this winter and it smells great. The nozzle has stopped working now and I'm not happy with it. The whole ease has gone away and I have to open the bottle and spill the liquid on the pup. Not at all convenient now.

Pls improve quality

Worst product

Worst product, waste of money. Doesnt clean at all. Other company products were far good than this shampoo. Dont buy it.

It's wonderful

Sky loves it

Neha Verma
Defective. Product

The Product I received was defective, spray is not working.

Muskan Aggarwal
Not worth it.

Doesn't make any difference being a dry shampoo.