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Fruit Treats Combo

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Captain Zack’s range of fruit treats 100% all-natural, freeze-dried, grain-free & devoid of any artificial substances. It uses super-premium and all-natural ingredients to create treats jam-packed with natural and clean goodness which is tailored to suit different breeds, different sizes.

We use Human grade ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients to give your pets the treats they deserve!

No ‘mystery’ ingredients or closely guarded family recipes, just nature’s finest, nutrient-rich crops, combining sumptuous flavours, robust textures and beneficial nutrition.

2-4 working days for orders across India

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What's Inside The Box +


Handcrafted at high altitudes in the pristine valleys of the Himalayas, using Yak-milk and Chicken from hormone-free herds raised in chemical-free pastures along with fruit from organic orchards, Captain Zack is helping dogs secure a regular fix of nutrient-rich natural treats and dental chews.

Our treats are made with no chemicals or additives, just pure nutrients and love.

How To Use +


Captain Zack Ample Apple is ready to eat straight out of this pouch as an anytime snack or as a delicious & healthy treat for good behaviour. You can even sprinkle crumbs over your dog's regular meal as a fruit seasoning to enhance taste and nutrition. Tastes best with a bowl of fresh drinking water on the side to wash it all down. Always zip seal the pouch to preserve its super crunch or store in a dry, airtight container.

Once you open the packet, make sure you store it in an air-tight container and consume it within a week.

Ingredients +

Captain Zack Ample Apple Fresh Apple Treats, 40g

Apples are an inspired low-calorie snack crammed full of invaluable nutrients. Loaded with beneficial dietary fibre and Vitamins A, C & K, these treats are devoid of any sodium or saturated fats. In addition, the low protein nature of these treats is ideal for ageing dogs with Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids enhancing a dog’s coat and skin health whilst the presence of phosphorus and calcium are essential to their cartilage and bone health. Go on, keep the doctor away.


Tropical Apeel Crisp Banana Treats, 55g

Captain Zack Fresh Freeze-Dried Crisp Banana Treats are high in potassium and low in salt, these crispy bites of banana goodness are packed with a ton of nutrients for the perfect snack or a delicious garnish over meals. Nutritionists recommend bananas as they are rich in pectin which helps aid digestion and also act as a prebiotic. They also contain amino acids, tryptophan and Vitamin B6, which together help elevate your dog’s mood. Add to that, a burst of natural banana flavour and you’ve got one really apeeling treat. Ethically & Sustainably sourced ingredients.


Loco for Coco Crunchy Coconut Treats , 50g 

Captain Zack Fresh Freeze-Dried Coconut Treats are crunchy and delicious coconut treats provide a handy go-to snack for any big-boned dog seeking to lose a little weight. Being high in lauric acid means coconut helps bolster a dog’s healthy metabolism, which helps assist in weight loss. Lauric acid also has a hard-earned reputation for fighting off viruses, yeast infections and ringworm while reducing inflammation, helping aching bones and joints heal a bit quicker. You’d be nuts for not trying it out.

Review +

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Niranjan K
Banana and coconut treats are awesome

Good 👍

Aditya G
Good product but costly for it’s price

My dog really liked these treats. Very good snack for your puppy and also very healthy since it’s all fruit . I feel that it’s expensive for the quantity they provide in the packets

Armaan Kapur

Fruit Treats Combo

Risham Sidhu


Priya Shivalkar
Fruit treats + dry chicken treats

Just one word: Fabulous!!!
My dog (Chumbak) absolutely loves them!!
She's learnt how to:
Fetch, heel, play dead, roll: all thanks to your treats!!! Please do keep inventing!! Lots of love from a happy happy customer!! 💜

pH Balance

Your pet's pH level is an important factor for overall health. If the natural pH level of a dog’s skin is repeatedly disrupted, the skin will become irritated and susceptible to infection.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

All our products made using natural actives, essential oils and are Clinically Tested on human skin for safety!

Artificial Fragrance Free

The safety of our pets is our priority so all Captain Zack products are devoid of any artificial fragrances and it is the natural essential oils that add fragrance to the products