About The Brand

Captain Zack was conceived in 2016 when owner and founder, Mohit Lalvani was unable to find a good shampoo and conditioner for his beautiful pup Zack, who had sensitive skin.

Mohit, a seasoned entrepreneur put his 3-decade long personal care and pharma experience to use which led him to formulate a non-irritant, gentle, and pH balanced shampoo for his puppy Zack and the rest is history. Ecstatic from the success of the grooming range, Mohit felt the need to build on this brand that would be a catalyst towards solving these problems for all pets and pet parents.  After all, ticks, fleas and dirt create all kinds of infections that directly affect  the health of a pet.
A Clean Pet Is A Healthy Pet!

After penetration into the grooming segment, Captain Zack has extended the range and entered the nutrition segment. The brand has launched a wholesome, healthy and nutritious range of treats and foods specially curated
at Mohit’s Kitchen. After  all, food has a big role to play in the longevity of our pet’s lives.
Because Healthy Pets Live Longer!

Since pets are family and at home. A pet’s environment also impacts his health and state of mind. That’s why  Captain Zack decided to launch a range of products for their habitat. After all, A Happy Place Makes A Healthy Pet!

We believe that our well researched, innovative and safe range of products contribute to our pet’s overall well being. Leaving pet parent’s justifiably proud of their healthy, active pets. After all, Behind Every Healthy Pet Is A Proud Parent!

Captain Zack wholeheartedly contributes to the ‘WeLove Animals’ Foundation of which Mohit & his family are the trustees. A part of Captain Zack’s profits is donated to the NGO for the welfare of animals. Captain Zack also educates pet parents through ‘Captain Zack’s University of Barkley’ on pet care, pet health, and ensuring pet parents have all the tools they need to raise a happy, healthy, and content fur baby.

About WeLove Animals Foundation

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." - Anatole France

WeLove Animals Foundation is a 80G certified NGO, working towards animal welfare. We at WeLove Foundation are striving to awaken humans by spreading kindness for all the animals. Our foundation works towards animal protection, raising public awareness and defending rights of all non-human creatures.

In a world that is continually insensitive towards the animals, we stand out to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
To bring out this change, we run programs like Feeding Strays, Providing Medical Aid, Sterilization, Vaccinations, Adoption and Fostering. Education is the only key to save the world from the unkind. As a part of our education, we
guide the young minds at different schools to build a better relationship with animals and the environment.

We have done over 100 stray adoptions, feed 1500+ strays on a daily basis, 50+ strays have been neutered and spayed and adopted a shelter run by Dr. Iyer. Dr Iyer looks after 100+ animals in his shelter and we provide him with all the requirements.

Our Mission

Our mission is to disrupt the pet care industry by introducing highest quality safe products that will build immunity of our pets and therefore lengthening their time with pet parents. We ensure they are treated no less than humans. We want all our furry friends to live healthier and

Why Captain Zack?

It’s simple! Captain Zack cares for your pets! At Captain Zack, we go the extra mile to ensure that when it comes to using our products, your pup says yup.

Our Grooming Range is:

1. pH Balanced
2. No Nasty Chemicals
3. No Artificial Fragrance
4. Paraben Free
5. Moisturizing & Conditioning
6. Anti-Irritant
7. Essential Oils/Natural Actives
8. Vegan and Cruelty Free
9. No Colors
10. Clinically Tested On Human Sensitive Skin For Being Safe and Hypoallergenic

pH Balanced:

Specially formulated for our pet’s delicate skin since a dog’s skin pH is more neutral than humans. A dog’s skin is very close to a neutral pH and significantly more alkaline than human skin. So, the kind of shampoo you use on a dog or cat should be much more neutral in pH than the typical pH value of shampoo formulated for human hair. (pH balanced shampoo for humans is between 4.5-5.5 and for pets its 6.5 to 7) All Captain Zack shampoos are formulated with a pH as close to 7 as possible.

No Nasty Chemicals:

We do not use any harmful chemicals. Our pets are our family hence we have zero tolerance towards any side effects that could be caused to them.

No Artificial Fragrance:

Animals cannot take any harsh chemicals, scents and dyes present in some pet grooming products. Artificial fragrances cause stress or airway irritation for your cats and dogs. They can be toxic to your pet’s health and act as irritants on their skin. They can be toxic to your pet’s health and act as irritants on their skin.

Paraben Free:

Parabens are chemicals that extend the shelf life of products. However, parabens contain carcinogens which cause skin cancer. Parabens are thought to be “stored” in the body and have a cumulative effect posing health risks.

Moisturizing and Conditioning:

Our formula is gentle on canine skin and packed with vitamins to keep your pet moisturized, conditioned, soft and silky without stripping natural oils.


Our formulation contains Allantoin: a soothing, anti-irritant and skin protectant; it also possesses anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties. In addition, Allantoin promotes cell proliferation, wound healing and has a moisturizing effect. Essential oils present in our range of products act as natural anti-irritants. We use ingredients that are non-irritant.

Essential Oils / Natural Actives:

Our products contain essential oils and natural actives - Lemongrass Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Citronella, Aloe Vera Extract, Tea Tree Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Bees Wax, Linseed Oil, Almond Oil, Apple Extract, Green Tea Extract, Wheat Protein Extract, Oat Protein Extract, Papaya Extract and Chamomile Extract. When choosing natural ingredients for our products we make sure that the ingredients are safe for pets or used in a percentage that is safe and acceptable.

Vegan and Cruelty Free:

Our grooming products are vegan, animal cruelty free and not tested on animals at any stage of product development.

No Colors:

Synthetic or Artificial colors contain lead which is harmful for animal skin. It can cause irritation, rashes and boils on their skin. Our products are formulated with natural actives and essential oils only.

Clinically Tested On Human Sensitive Skin For Being Safe and Hypoallergenic

All our products are clinically tested on human sensitive skin having a pH of 6 so as to mimic pet’s skin and therefore we can consider it to be safe on pet’s skin. Human skin pH is usually between 4.5- 5.5 which is acidic skin type while our pets have alkaline skin pH which 6.5-7. It is imperative to use pH balanced products for our pets as the main cause of skin issues arise using human cleansing products on them. Our products are certified to be hypoallergenic, non-irritant and dermatologically safe for pets.

Our Nutrition Range is:

1. Human-Grade
2. 100% Natural
3. Nutritious
4. Healthy Homestyle
5. Gluten-Free
6. Preservative and Additive Free
7. No Toxic Colors
8. Made from only choicest fresh veggies and human-grade ingredients

Human Grade

We treat our furry friends just like us and ensure their food and treats are not only delicious but as healthy as possible using the ingredients of highest quality. Also, all our food is tested for palatability by our founder himself. If humans can consume it so, can they!

100% Natural

Captain Zack has made a conscious decision of ensuring that our nutrition range is made with all-natural ingredients, without any additives, preservatives, or leftover


We have taken over a year of research in ensuring our recipes are wholesome and nutritionally
approved by vets and nutritionists. We do multiple rounds of tests to ensure our food is nutritious.

Healthy Homestyle

The best care of our pets can be given at home. We truly believe in this and ensure our entire nutrition range is made homestyle and is healthy. We have curated our recipes in our Founder – Mohit Lalvani’s kitchen, tested it, once approved taken it to the central kitchen for larger production. That’s why we say our nutrition range is straight ‘From Mohit’s Kitchen To Yours!’


Given the fact that a lot of pets are gluten intolerant, our nutrition range is gluten-free. We ensure that all our furry friends get to consumer our delicious meals without any issues.

Preservative and Additive Free

Our range is without any artificial additives which is generally used to enhance the taste of the meal or without any preservatives. We use natural preservatives technology like freeze-drying or dehydration and retort technology that helps in preserving the food’s freshness and increasing the shelf life.

No Toxic Colors

Some of the colors contain toxins such as mercury, arsenic and lead, which not only spoils the food but also has harmful health and behavioral effects on the pets.

Made from only choicest fresh veggies, not leftover portions

As a brand, we are determined to provide the highest quality range for our pets. We do not use any leftover portions or by-products while curating our recipes. We use human-grade ingredients.

Our Habitat Range is:

1. Safe
2. Comfortable
3. Durable
4. Nano-Wash Technology
5. Azo-free Dye

Meet the Crew

Now that all the introductory formalities are behind us, let us meet the team that creates the best pet health products around.

Captain Zack

He’s the top dog around here and the man with the plan (oops, we meant dog with the plan)! Our CBO (Chief Barking Officer) has his paws in everything – sales, advertising, formulating, the whole business essentially. A true leader of the herd, Captain Zack manages to blend authority, inspiration and his caring approach in the perfect combination. When he’s not out there being a total boss, Captain Zack is hanging with his entourage and being hounded by the ladies.


He’s the pup in training. High on motivation, Zip is in the system to learn everything he can. This eager beaver (you know what we mean!) can be seen hovering around Captain Zack or waiting outside his office finding an excuse to get in. Often at the receiving end of Pi’s practical jokes, Zip’s desire to fit in usually ends up backfiring. He’s just an excited & adorable pup who credits his cuteness to Captain Zack’s paraben free dog shampoos (and spends all his internship stipend on them too).


With an IQ of over 200, he’s the brains of this unit. Tirelessly working on concocting the
latest pet friendly shampoos, Pi is often found lost in thought even after hours. Some are simply flabbergasted by his desire to create the best moisturising dog shampoo and conditioner, while others consider him to be the canine Elon Musk or “ELON MUTT” for coming up with his super-secret ingredient in the anti-itch dog shampoo! Rumour has it, he also knows how to catch his own tail.


Yes, he might look buff and scary, but he’s an absolute delight. Dozer has got some serious wanderlust goals. He travels to far off-places to source the best natural ingredients for the Captain Zack range of products. When he’s not out there sourcing ingredients for the best dog shampoo for ticks and fleas, he likes to work out and chase cars.

PS: If Dozer catches up to your car, don’t worry, he just wants a nice belly rub!


This chatty sweetheart is the fashionista of the crew. Confident, outgoing and fun, Shelby is a pretty face and so much more! Her BioTech degree from UC Barkley makes her responsible for ensuring that we use the safest and most soothing ingredients in every product so Captain Zack can be crowned as the best dog shampoo and conditioner brand around. There are whispers in the media that she might even be more influential than Queen Bey. #WhoRunTheWorld.


Hi there, I’m Zoey – Captain Zack’s best friend. But he hates to admit it in public. After all I’m a gorgeous, well-mannered cat and he’s just an ugh, dog. What got me to like him though was how clean and nice he always smells. Surprisingly as well presented as us cats. Then got to know he has his own range of shampoos and grooming products. That was the best mews ever. We instantly became friends. He loves my sense of humour, my fine taste for gourmet seafood and my 80’s pop playlist on Catify. I love how he trusts me. No wonder he let me have my own line of products. Dogs. So gullible.


The newest addition to the team, Tony may just be the biggest foodie you’ll ever meet! Whether it’s one of Captain Zack’s tasty home cooked meals, or your very own human treats which he may have stolen, you can always find this golden stud snacking! A true culinary afficianado, Tony loves all kind of food, from biscuits, to burgers!