About Us

Hello Bhailog, Behenlog aur mere saare Bhowlog. 

I'm Captain Zack. Swag se swagat to my cool brand.

Asal mein, ye mera brand nahi, main hi brand hu. 

2016 mein, I decided my skin deserved better. Luckily, my dher saara pyaar for science and, oh and not to forget my passion to have buttery smooth skin, came to the rescue. I finally formulated a shampoo that was gentle, non-irritating, and oh-so pH balanced - just the way I like it. And right after the first wash, the experience was nothing short of Aila, Maja Aa Gaya. After all, a clean pet is only a healthy pet, yaar!

My transformation inspired me to become the “style guru” for all my fellow bhidus and bhows. The success of this grooming range gave me the itch to do more. I was aware there were more pets and pet parents  who faced similar dilemmas. 

Ab thodi si baat karte hai mere usoolo ke baare mein.

Mere 4 usool hai and I waggin’ swear by them. These are MY battle standards and I follow them with military precision. You know, the way a Captain would?

Vegan: Yours truly, the only 'Shakahari Sher' - no meat, no dairy, no nonsense!

Paraben-Free: Parabens? Nah, us gali mujhe kabhi jaana hi nahi.  

No Chemicals: Yep, that’s right, not on my watch! We’re the anti-chemical gang and we're staying chemical-free, baby! 

Cruelty-Free: Cruelty? I'm all love, not testing. Cruelty-Free Captain and hella proud of it!

Alright, at ease, bhowlog, Captain Zack reporting for duty! Toh kya aap is mission pe mere saath haazir hain? I promise you, this will be a mission full of adventures, thrill, and a hell lot of surprises. All of it to help you come out as the best versions of yourself. Basically, ekdum faadu! So, commandos, How’s The Josh?