Art By Mumtaz

Art By Mumtaz

Are you in the market for some brand new décor? Want to spruce up your house with some incredible, yet affordable art? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then look no further than Art by Mumtaz. Art by Mumtaz is started by Mumtaz Lalvani, one of the founders of the WeLoveAnimals Foundation and wife of our beloved founder Mr. Mohit Lalavni. Although she had a relatively late start in the art world, Mumtaz Lalvani is a natural, and completely self-taught. An extremely versatile artist, working within a wide array of styles and techniques, she has a soft spot for painting with oils and water colours. Although Mumtaz has predominantly spent the majority of her career painting more human pieces and portraits, she has recently made a foray into paintings of animals, more specifically, dogs. Her artworks which are displayed on the website are all 100% original, and hand painted with love. So, look no further for that painting to finally tie the room together than Art by Mumtaz!

Captain Zack is proud to support her initiative as all the proceeds from this art will be donated to WeLove Animals Foundation that works for welfare of the stray animals.

About WeLove Animals Foundation

WeLove Animals Foundation is an 80G certified NGO, working towards animal welfare. WeLove Animals Foundation is striving to awaken humans by spreading kindness for all the animals. The foundation works towards animal protection, raising public awareness, and defending the rights of all non-human creatures. In a world that is growing insensitive towards animals, WeLove stand out to make a difference. To bring out this change, they run programs like Feed the Strays, Providing Medical Aid, Sterilization, Vaccinations, Adoption & Fostering. As a part of their education program, they guide the young minds at different schools to build better relationships with animals and the environment. The trust currently covers all of Mumbai with an aim to one day turn Mumbai into a cruelty- free city that never turns away an animal that needs help.

All of the proceeds made from any painting sales will go to the WeLoveAnimals Foundation, and appropriated in the best way possible to ensure the best quality of life for all of the animals under their jurisdiction.

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