Pet Adoption

We support Adopt, Don’t Shop heavily. You can contact us in case you need assistance with adoption. We have started an initiative ‘Adoption Drive’

This year is all about compassion for our Founder, Dr. Mohit Lalvani, and he has made sure to seep that into our brand ethos.

At the end of last year, Mohit adopted ‘Spot’ from the streets and wants to encourage everyone to adopt, not shop.

As a brand Captain Zack fully endorses this cause and wants more people to join our movement by adopting.
We at Captain Zack promise to be with you every step of the way.

So, if you are an animal lover yourself or know someone who has adopted a stray simply show us the certificate and fill out the form below.

If you cannot adopt, still want to help our beloved friends of the streets by fostering, please fill out the form too.

Form Link: https://forms.gle/oSEf9aMSCFHAqSxK6

What will you get?

1. Firsthand Consultation on Pet Parenting from Our Founder Mr. Mohit Lalvani
2. Step-by-step support and guidance by experts from Captain Zack
Dr. Jamshyd Cooper, Head Vet
Pallav Gupta, Head Nutritionist
Leena Mukhi, Director of Pet Care
3. Starter Kit of Captain Zack pet products for your little one
4. Feature on Captain Zack’s Social Pages

Shipping & Delivery

We know the excitement of receiving a package! That’s why we at Captain Zack try our best to make sure your furry babies receive their goodies as soon as possible.

Our estimated Delivery Timeline is 2-4 working days for orders across India.

Yayyy! There are no shipping charges at all if you choose prepaid. If you choose COD, you will need to pay INR 50!!

Currently, we are not shipping internationally. But we can deliver it provided the delivery charges are borne by the customer. If you are in the United States of America, the good news we are available on Amazon.com

Trust us, almost Pan India.

Returns & Cancellation, Refunds & Exchanges

Hey, worry not, just call us up on this number +91 75061 15596 or email us at info@captainzack.in & inform us about the miscommunication of delivery. Send us your order id, an image of the wrong product received. We will have it exchanged without any hassles.

As per our SOP, we do multiple rounds of quality checks at the production and packaging level to ensure no products are damaged. Sometimes due to in-transit bad handling, the product may get damaged but worry not, we will get it exchanged. All you need to do is send us photos of the damaged products along with the order id on either number +91 75061 15596 or email us at info@captainzack.in We either replace the pet care products or will give you the store credit.

Once you place an order with our Pet Supply store and such order has been processed, you shall not be permitted to cancel or modify such order. You can only return damaged products or products that are not as per your order. Returns must comply with the return conditions as set out in our returns and refund policy.

In light of the current situation, we advise no returns unless the product is damaged!

Please call us up or WhatsApp us on this number +91 75061 15596 or email us at info@captainzack.in

Write us your genuine reason on WhatsApp on this number +91 75061 15596 or email us at info@captainzack.in We will try our best to change your experience with Captain Zack products and brands.

Sorry : ( you can’t cancel the order after processing. We assure you that your furry buddy would love the products and the dog accessories/ cat accessories.

Write us your genuine reason on WhatsApp on this number +91 75061 15596 or email us at info@captainzack.in We will try our best to change your experience with our products and brand at Captain Zack pet shop online in India.


Get an additional offer on current running offers, be the first ones to try out newly launched, and access to our founder. Complimentary consultations with our in-house vet & nutritionist.

It’s easy you know. Just subscribe to our website & enjoy paw-lickin deals.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Pet Concerns

This is a very common issue in pets, visit our Shop By Concern Section for Dogs and Shop By Concern Section for Cats and check out products like Captain Zack’s Shampoo to resolve your pet’s issue. If your issue is grave or you are confused with what to buy, we suggest you consult our in-house vet.

Soft & warm fur always invites Tick & fleas. Get rid of it via Captain Zack’s Tick Repellent Kit or visit our Shop By Concern Section. You can also go for dog tick repellent or flea treatment for dogs that are available. If your issue is grave or you are confused with what to buy, we suggest you consult our in-house vet.

Rough, tangled coats are most common amongst medium to long coat breeds and cats. There are dog shampoo and conditioner available for this specific issue. You must try Captain Zack’s Leave-In Coat conditioner or Don’t Call Me Knotty Dog Serum or Because I’m Furfect Cat Serum

Regular grooming helps keep your pet clean and hygienic. For instant odour control, we recommend dog scents and dog shampoo which you can get your hands on by visiting our Shop By Concern Section - Odour for Dog & Cat

We do have a disinfectant range to keep your pets germ-free and deodorized. You can check out our range of Sanitizer and Floor Cleaner.

Your pet’s immunity depends on their internal and external health. This essentially means we need to be careful of the dog food/ puppy treats we give them. It needs to be nutritious, made with the best dog food ingredients, and is approved by a Nutritionist. You can check out Captain Zack’s Ready-To-Eat Food which is made with Ashwagandha & Turmeric to boost immunity and if you still want customized specific healthy dog treats, you can contact our Nutritionist for free. For external immunity, it’s important to groom them regularly and try making food with dog food recipes, maintain their coat health and skin health by using the dog shampoo/ puppy shampoo, dry shampoo for dogs or dog treats for training that is filled with nutrition and multiple benefits with a right product formulated with right ingredients. You can use the homemade dog food recipes vet approved, healthy food for dogs or consult our in-house vet for further assistance.

Yes, we do. We have customized grooming solutions for almost all breeds. Do check out the dog groom box in our Groom Box By Breed section. If your breed is missing, don’t worry, just give us a call at +91 75061 15596 or email us at info@captainzack.in, we will surely curate one for your breed.

This could be related to multiple reasons like, he is unwell, bored of the current food provided, and so on. You could also try out homemade cat food/ homemade dog food depending on your pet and if that works for them. We would recommend you speak to our Nutritionist for free and get a customized diet plan for your pet.

If your dog is suffering from hair fall, you can give your dog hemp seed oil, flax seeds, coconut oil, fish oils. Along with that, nourish their coat by using Captain Zack’s dog shampoo Shea Pleasure Sniffing You shampoo, and My Coat Can Gloat Conditioner. If there is excessive hair fall, please consult a vet.

Please visit your nearest vet immediately.