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Captain Zack understands one of the biggest concerns you always have for your fur babies is ‘What To Feed Them? What Diet To Be Followed? My Pooch is under-weight? My Pooch is over-weight, and so on’

Captain Zack has now made it possible to consult a certified nutritionist and address all your pet nutrition concerns - with just one click! Please fill in your details using the form to book a session. We will get back to you as soon as we can.
Pallav Gupta, Canine and Feline Nutritionist, Head Nutritionist
Pallav Gupta’s Nutritionist journey began when he got his dog home for the first time, confused what to feed her, he turned to his vet, who suggested a variety of food. He tried a bunch of different things, but his dog would eat it some days and would refuse most days. After few months and lots of expensive trial and error later, he started cooking food for her himself and she would finish it up most days without complaining. This inspired him to study and learn more about what to feed and how to curate the right nutritional balance for canines and felines. He took up a professional nutritionist course and realized that we traditionally feed our dog isn’t right and how its makes dogs sick. After the course he started feeding his dog and his friend’s dogs. After which he studied nutrition deeply and started consulting with other dogs on what to feed them.

Now, 5 years and 150+ consultations later, he assures all pet parents that 90% health issues can be cured with just changing what your pets eat



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