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Product of The Himalayas

Handcrafted at high altitudes in the pristine valleys of the Himalayas, using Yak-milk and chicken from hormone-free herds raised in chemical-free pastures along with fruits from organic orchards, Captain Zack is helping dogs secure a regular fix of nutrient-rich natural treats and dental chews.

100% Natural

Balanced Nutrition


Human Grade

Grain and Gluten-free

Suits all age, size and breed

ISO certified

HACCP certified

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All your worries, sorted!

A lot of human food can be toxic and harmful for your dog. So, it is very important to give them food that is specially made for to suit their health.

Captain Zack’s range of tasty treats are 100% natural, freeze- dried and nutritionally balanced to bring just the right mix of lip-smacking taste and essential nutrients for your dog’s health.

Captain Zack Treats are a healthy nutritious replacement to your normal training treats. Packed with 100% natural goodness a great way to train your pets without any adverse effect on their health These treats are rich in Proteins, Calcium , Vitamins and Omega that helps maintain the overall health and growth of the dog.

YYes, the treats have a lip-smacking taste that your dog will love! You’d wish these treats were made for humans too!

It depends on the breed of your dog. You can feed them accordingly: 1-3 pieces for – Small Size Dog 4-6 pieces for – Medium Size Dog 7-10 pieces for – Large Size Dog

Our packets come with a zip-lock seal so that makes them much easier to store. But once you open the packet, make sure the ziplock is tightened or store it in an air-tight container and consume it within a week.

Yes these fruits are made by freeze drying process hence they have same nutritional value as that of original fruits.

Cow’s or Yak milk is the main ingredient. Lime juice and salt to coagulate the milk and create the perfect cheese treat!

Our Treats are made with 80% free range chicken with 20% fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Yes they are safe for puppies older than 2 months.

Our treats are 100% natural & freeze dried, packed with nutrient goodness.

No, there are no fixed timings to feed your pupper treats. they can be used as a reward for good behaviour or sprinkled on their meal to enhance taste and nutrition.

Our treats are 100% natural & freeze dried that are free from any artificial compounds or preservatives. These treats are nutritionally balanced to complete all your dogs needs.

The uneven & natural shape of the treats help to keep your dogs teeth clean.