Captain Zack Wet Wipes Pack Of 2
Captain Zack Wet Wipes Pack Of 2
Captain Zack Wet Wipes Pack Of 2
Captain Zack Wet Wipes Pack Of 2
Captain Zack Wet Wipes Pack Of 2
Captain Zack Wet Wipes Pack Of 2
Captain Zack Wet Wipes Pack Of 2

Captain Zack Wet Wipes Pack Of 2

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Keep your pets smelling fresh and looking clean between baths with Captain Zack's wet wipes pack of 2. It includes Silky Soothe Hypoallergenic and Wipe Right Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes. 
These are a perfect match for pets who need a quick freshen-up between baths. 

Simply pull one out, wipe the dirt, and grime off­ the coat, and there you go — one clean pet ready to fall in love with.

Safe for Dogs & Cats of all ages and all breeds

  • Alcohol- Free
  • No Rinse & Easy To Use
  • Daily Cleansing
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Kills Germs & Bacterial
  • Fragrance-free
  • Soft & Comfortable
  • Safe & effective ingredients

Net content-80 Wipes pack of 2

Size of one wipe- 15x20cm

"A Clean Pet Is A Healthy Pet!"

1. Open lid and peel off¬ seal
2. Locate & pull the wipe at the centre of the roll
3. Insert wipe corner through the lid hole
4. Close the lid
5. Now pull & tear wipes as per use
6. Close lid firmly after use to retain moisture

Remove wipe from packaging and reseal to maintain freshness. Wipe down pet from back of neck to tail avoiding the eyes. Dispose of wipe in trash and do not flush.

Aloe Vera
• Soothes skin
• Anti - fungal
• Anti-bacterial
• Anti-inflammatory
Vitamin E 
• Moisturizes
• Soothes dry and itchy skin
• Healthy and glossy coat
Tea Tree Oil
• Soothes the coat and skin
• Clears skin irritation or inflammations
• Repels parasites and other insects

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Abhilipsa Mishra
Highly recommend..

Love this product.. must buy..

Sandeep Satpathy

Excellent but a bit costly

Useful for wiping cat scent is good

Use it for wiping the cat

Dimpy Bose
Must Have for easy clean up !! worth it

Must have for Easy clean up Finally i got my hand on this so easy to use wipes which is hypoallergic. My shihtzu baby always had skin issues due to allergy . And i noticed dry shampoo for instant ckean up wS doin more harm than good reacting to her skin, making it red. Untill i chanced upon dese Amazibg natural hypoallergic wipes from capt zack and this was the Best wipes i got , it was Natural and so easy to use .wud wipe the dirt in one stroke.i use it daily now to clean up their paws and fur after their walk wzoutout using dry shampoo ..absolutely love Goodbye to weekly baths and Hello to Dese instant cleanup wipes making ur babues fue ans paws look fresh again


Excellent product, I purchased it for the first time and I loved it. Cleans all the dirt off

Use them everyday!!!!!

Pets with sensitive skin will appreciate the gentle formula of these aloe-infused wipes. Living in Mumbai, my dog’s paws naturally get filthy on our daily walks to the park and around the neighborhood. These soft and moist wipes are the perfect solution when we come home. They work great for some refreshing swipes on her body too.

Surbhi K.
Very easy to use and super convenient to clean my pet

It is extremely good, one swipe and I was able to clean my pet efficiently. Loved the fragrance. Love it

Shashwat Tomar
My dog stopped vomiting!!

My dog licks his feet a lot. After using these he stopped vomiting which he used to do at least twice a week. Maybe the vomit was because of all the germs after a walk. Have been using it for two months and not a single vomit!!! Amazing!!

Easy peasy

Easy to carry this for travelling..travelling for the first time so wanted to carry every essentials for my pup.this is easy to use Just Pull up,wipe and dispose

Super fresh!

Perfect for being squeaky clean!