IRradicate – Tick Repellent Oil Spray 250ml
IRradicate – Tick Repellent Oil Spray 250ml
IRradicate – Tick Repellent Oil Spray 250ml
IRradicate – Tick Repellent Oil Spray 250ml
IRradicate – Tick Repellent Oil Spray 250ml

IRradicate – Tick Repellent Oil Spray 250ml

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Captain Zack IRradicate Tick Repellent Oil Spray is a flagship innovation, masterfully created for daily use to give round-the-clock IR3535 tick repellent protection. This daily routine is quick, enabling you to strengthen the bond with your dog, as prevention is always better than cure.


Gently wipe the dog’s body with a dry towel. Spray uniformly over entire body surface and massage into the skin gently, allowing good contact with the skin. Use without dilution. Avoid snout, eyes, and mouth

Allow to dry without a towel or dryer. Gently brush the coat.

Can be used twice daily, before taking your dog outdoors for a walk.

IR3535 is a proven ingredient by Merck, Germany. It is gentle yet effective insect repellent which is commonly used in baby & kid’s products. It has a broad efficacy against various insects like ticks, fleas, lice, mosquitoes, and other bugs.
Key Benefits:
1. Proven tick and ectoparasite repellent
2. Safe and gentle on the pet’s skin

Oatmeal is a skin protectant with anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe itchy and irritated skin. Oatmeal baths can help relieve several bothersome skin conditions. It also helps the skin form a protective barrier and locks in the moisture keeping the skin hydrated.
Key Benefits:
1. Balances pH level
2. Reduces itchiness
3. Anti-inflammatory

The IRradicate range has a blend of these 3 botanical wonders which have proven to effectively repel ticks and fleas. They also have antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic skin healing properties and leaves your pet's coat shiny and fragrant.
Key Benefits
1. Antibacterial
2. Anti-fungal
3. Antiseptic
4. Repels ticks & fleas

Coconut Oil is considered to have natural antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties. It hydrates the pet’s skin and beats the annoying itch that comes with it. It acts as an effective moisturizer and makes the coat sleek and glossy. It is known to be a great disinfectant for cuts and wounds and soothes cracked paws.
Coconut Oil is recommended for the following reasons:
1. Heals
2. Reduces allergic reactions
3. Creates sleek and glossy coats

Customer Reviews

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Meet Singh

IRradicate – Tick Repellent Oil Spray 250ml

Adarsh Tilak

IRradicate – Tick Repellent Oil Spray 250ml

Amazon Customer
Not for long haired dogs!

Scenario: full grown golden retriever. Had 1-2 annoying fleas. First tried the spray to check at one spot. It was all good. Then went ahead and sprayed on whole body. Ended up using 90% of the bottle content ( mind it, the bottle is really small).

Issue: the spray content is oil based. It ended up making the entire body oily matted. Which later attracted dirt like magnet. Long haired dogs , stay away.

More issues: bocoz of the annoying fleas, this guy was scratching like mad thats why i used almost the entire bottle in one sitting BUT it didn't solve the issue. I even gave it a week's time. His scratching slight reduced but it didn't work.

Conclusion: like the product detail says - its to keep fleas/ticks away. It is probably only preventive measure not a remedy if ticks/fleas are already there. In that case look for other solutions. Or go back spot on.

Amazon Customer
Excellent product.

It's an amazing product. Really satisfied with the results.

Tharun Bangalore
Found it very useful for general health of the dog.

Not only helps to keep ticks away, but I found that it helps to heal small skin problems on the dog such as redness.

Bottle pump not as per the picture

I have been using this product for my pet and it's really amazing. But the pump on the bottle is not very easy to use especially when you need more quantity.
I specifically got this big bottle only becase of the sprayer a( based on picture in Amazon ) .However when I got it the sprayer/ pump is completely different

Vaibhav Sharma
Does not work at all!

Have no effect at all on ticks even if you spray right onto a live one. Perfumed water sold in costly packaging.

ayushi gupta
Really effective tick repellent

This is a must have product if you really want to get rid of ticks/fleas problem of your’s a oil spray comes with a pump hence easy to use and doesn’t irritate the pet at all.

Ticks no more !

My pup had a bout of the ticks and we tried various medicines for three full months, but the ticks wouldn't go. Finally, after using this product, we were able to get rid of them, that too in just a week! Must buy

Amazing product

I really loved this product it works wonder i have tried other products as well but this is the best I found till date
Must give it a try specially in monsoon weather ticks & fleas are common among pets and it will come as a saviour