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Mutt Of Course Collar

Rs. 599

Mutt of Course Eggs & Bacon Collar for Dogs- Medium

Eggs, Bacon and long walks -- this collar is a perfect mix of all the right things in life. Moreover, we are yet to meet a soul who doesn't like this combination. So if your pet thinks food is life, but walk is important too, get this Collar of Course! All our printed collars and leashes have been designed with a simple yet important thought- comfort and beauty in one piece. Each piece is designed and produced in-house in India using the best workmanship and solid hardware to strengthen its durability.


  • Non-allergenic, breathable, durable and have anti-bacterial properties
  • High-quality organic and dense denim
  • Carefully crafted, stitched and finished with the best hardware for superior strength and supreme quality
  • All collars are adjustable and hand-washable 
  • Size - Small, Medium, Large
  • Neck size - Small- 30.48- 45.72 cm, Medium- 45.72 -55.88 cm, Large- 55.88- 71.12 cm
  • Color - Blue

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