PetMe, I’m Sanitized! 250 ML - Captain Zack
PetMe, I’m Sanitized! 250 ML - Captain Zack
PetMe, I’m Sanitized! 250 ML - Captain Zack
PetMe, I’m Sanitized! 250 ML - Captain Zack
PetMe, I’m Sanitized! 250 ML - Captain Zack

PetMe, I’m Sanitized! 250ml

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Captain Zack “PetMe, I’m Sanitized!” is a 100% nature-derived, non-toxic biodegradable sanitizer specially formulated to kill 99.99% germs for the safety of my furry friends.

 This alcohol-free formula is made with Poly-Herbal Nanotechnology using Botanical extracts like Coconut, Maize, Orchid, Lemon, and Lemongrass that have anti-microbial, bacteria-killing, insect repelling and odour controlling properties.

Use it on me daily to protect my paws and coat for safe cuddles, hugs, and a happy Me!

Kills 99.99% germs.

Natural deodorizer

"A Clean Pet Is A Healthy Pet!"

Gently sprayed on your pets 3-4 times a day .Best to be used post walk or after outdoor activities. Avoid using near eyes, mouth & open wounds.

Coconut Extract 
Coconut Extract has an intense moisturizing & healing effect on the skin. 
Key Benefits
o Moisturizes
o Heals
o Anti-Microbial
Orchid Extract
Orchid Extract helps to maintain the hydration level of the skin. 
Key Benefits
• Hydrates
• Regenerates & Strengthen Skin Cells
Corn extract 
Corn Extract is a great skin conditioning agent. It also has skin healing, soothing & anti-microbial properties
Key Benefits
o Conditions
o Soothes
Lemongrass Oil
Lemongrass Oil inhibits & kills germs.
Key Benefits
• Kills Germs
• Heals Wounds
• Calms
Lemon Extract 
Lemon Extract acts as a natural deodorizer & eliminates bad odour. It has natural astringent & antiseptic property.
Key Benefits
o Natural Deodorizer
o Eliminates Odours
o Natural Astringent

Customer Reviews

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Abigail Kanga

PetMe, I’m Sanitized! 250 ML

D Mitra
Most cheap product

Smell..quantity all ..

Very useful product

Useful product for per during covid times

Mansi Tandon
Nice product

Great product. My Pet is safe, with this product around and so are we

Amazing Pet Sanitizer - PetMe I’m Sanitized

I’ve tried This Pet Sanitizer from Captain Zack and this is absolutely amazing product and one of the first to be in this Category.
It contains zero percent alcohol which actually is unique.
My Pet is safe if Captain Zack’s PetMe I’m Sanitized is around.

Thank you Captain Zack.

A sanitizer that does not kill the virus?

A very poor example of marketing gimick. The spray shows the picture of virus but when you read the description it doesn't specifically say it kills the virus. It only says it kills the bacteria.
Not very impressive. I think anyone can make a DIY dog friendly sanitizer at home which will be 10x more effective than this product. The only reason i bought this was to save myself from the hassle. But i regret my decision.