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PetMe, My Floor Is Sanitized!

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PetMe, My Floor is Sanitized! is a research-based unique, alcohol-free disinfectant which effectively keeps floors and surfaces clean and bacteria-free for me to roll over!

My favourite surface cleaner is a 100% plant-derived, eco-friendly & biodegradable formulation that gives 99.9% protection from germs using nanotechnology to kill all types of bacteria & viruses. Made using a blend of extracts like Lemon, Orchid, Corn & Coconut to disinfect surfaces and eliminate odours leaving behind a refreshing smell. Added to this, are the germ-killing and insect repelling properties of Lemongrass Essential Oil to safeguard my hoomans & pals! 

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What's Inside The Box +

Alcohol- Free Floor Disinfectant 99.9% protection from germs

Made Using Poly-Herbal Nanotechnology

No Ammonia/Chlorine/Alcohol, Nature Derived, Pet Friendly, Non-Corrosive

How To Use +

Dilute 1 part of PetMe, My Floor is Sanitized floor cleaner with 4 equal parts of water. 

Gently mop the surface. Suitable for all surface types. 

Rolling and Playing on the floor now is fun and safe!

Review +

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