TazSoothe Ditch The Itch Combo
TazSoothe Ditch The Itch Combo
TazSoothe Ditch The Itch Combo
TazSoothe Ditch The Itch Combo
TazSoothe Ditch The Itch Combo
TazSoothe Ditch The Itch Combo
TazSoothe Ditch The Itch Combo
TazSoothe Ditch The Itch Combo
TazSoothe Ditch The Itch Combo
TazSoothe Ditch The Itch Combo

TazSoothe Ditch The Itch Combo

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Ditch The Itch Combo includes:

1. TazSoothe- Itch Relief Shampoo 50ml

2.TazSoothe-Itch Relief Spray 50 ml

STEP 1 :To prevent water from entering the dog’s ears, place a cotton wool ball, remove after the bath. 

STEP 2: Wet dog’s coat thoroughly with water. Take an appropriate amount of TazSoothe ITCH RELIEF SHAMPOO. Work up a good lather over the whole body, reaching the skin surface. Keep on for 10 minutes. Avoid snout, eyes, and mouth. 

STEP 3: Rinse off with cool water. Repeat shampooing if required. Dry with a towel. Do not use a hairdryer.  

STEP 4:Use TazSoothe ITCH RELIEF SHAMPOO twice a week till skin looks better. For best results follow it up with TazSoothe ITCH RELIEF SPRAY after the bath.

Oatmeal is a skin protectant with anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe itchy and irritated skin. Oatmeal baths can help relieve several of bothersome skin conditions. It also helps the skin form a protective barrier and locks in the moisture keeping the skin hydrated.
Key Benefits:
1. Balances pH level
2. Reduces itchiness
3. Anti-inflammatory

Tasmanian Pepper Berry is sourced from the windy mountains of Tasmania, Australia. It contains a powerful active ingredient called Polygodial an anti-inflammatory agent. It instantly reduces itching, burning sensations and the appearance of skin redness. It soothes and calms reactive skin & decreases inflammatory markers.
Key Benefits
1. Anti-Inflammatory
2. Instant Soothing properties
3. Relieves Itching
4. Reduces skin irritation

Calendula Oil helps soothing and healing skin inflammatory conditions. It is used to relieve flea bites, poison ivy. It’s antimicrobial and astringent nature is useful for treating burns.
Key Benefits
1. Soothing and healing
2. Antimicrobial
3. Treats burn

The TazSoothe range has a blend of Lavender and Geranium essential oils with their wide host of benefits for your pup, which includes calming anxiety, reducing stress, and repelling insects etc. It is recommended for pets who are stressed out at bath time.
Key Benefits:
1. Calms
2. Repels insects

Coconut Oil is considered to have natural antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties. It hydrates the pet’s skin and beats the annoying itch that comes with it. It acts as an effective moisturizer and makes the coat sleek and glossy. It is known to be a great disinfectant for cuts and wounds and soothes cracked paws.
Coconut Oil is recommended for the following reasons:
1. Heals
2. Reduces allergic reactions
3. Creates sleek and glossy coats

Jojoba Oil is a natural fungicide, killing off any fungal infections your pet might have on his/her skin. In addition, it is renowned for its moisturizing and skin-healing properties. Jojoba Oil is an emollient that can soothe your pet’s skin, unclog hair follicles, making it the perfect ingredient to use in the best conditioning dog shampoo. It leaves fur smooth and soft.
Jojoba Oil has the following benefits:
1. Moisturizes 
2. Canine aromatherapy
3. Heals skin

The soothing properties of Shea Butter work wonders for your pet’s skin as it prevents and heals irritation. In addition to being a natural sun protectant which moisturizes and conditions the fur to maintain and boost coat shine.
Shea Butter is recommended in the following situations:
1. Moisturizes dry skin
2. Soothes itchy skin
3. Boosts shine
4. Detangles fur

Aloe Vera has been shown to have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, making it soothing to the skin. It contains prostaglandins, which may reduce inflammation and promote healing. Aloe Vera is cool to touch and will relieve your pet’s discomfort.
Aloe Vera has following benefits:
1. Soothes skin
2. Heals wounds
3. Anti – fungal
4. Antibacterial
5. Anti-inflammatory

Vitamin E supports healthy skin and coats. If you turn your dog’s shampoo around, you may notice Vitamin E on the ingredient list, to help reduce flakiness and promote a healthy, glossy coat.
Vitamin E is recommended in the following situations:
1. Moisturizes
2. Soothes dry and itchy skin
3. Healthy and glossy coat

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Mishty .

Both the products of Tazsoothe Ditch the Itch Combo was really amazing.
The results were so good, Also the smell was really freshening.
I just love it.