The Beagle Groom Box
The Beagle Groom Box
The Beagle Groom Box
The Beagle Groom Box
The Beagle Groom Box
The Beagle Groom Box
The Beagle Groom Box
The Beagle Groom Box

The Beagle Groom Box

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This box fulfills all the grooming requirements your Beagle has. It is the ultimate grooming box to help this short-coated breed stay well-groomed. Regular grooming as far as a Beagle is concerned involves caring for his coat, skin, and paws and this box helps in doing just that!

Please Note: You will receive any one veg or one non-veg treat available with us. Also, Toy may vary in shape & color depending on the availability.


1. Shampoo- Once a week, can be used up to 4 washes for 200ml & 1 wash for 50ml. 
2. Waterless Shampoo- If used daily, can last up to 20 washes for 250ml & 5 washes to 50ml. 
3. Paw butter- Apply twice a day on your pet's rough, dray paws & elbows. If used daily, can last up to 30 days.
4. My Coat Can Gloat Conditioner- Use after baths or after using the waterless shampoo. Do not rinse, can last up to 5 times.
5. Towel- Use this soft & absorbent towel for the best post-bath belly rub.
6. Toy- For your pooche's Endless Playtime.

1. Bling On The Shine -250ml
2. Barking Up The Tea Tree - 200ml
3. My Coat Can Gloat - 100g
4. Pawsitively Smooth -100g
5. Excuse Me, Fleas! - 50ml
6. Tick’et To Fleadom - 50ml
7. Hand Towel
8. Crochet Toy
9. Treats(Veg)/ Treats(Non-Veg)

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Not worth trying

The product is not upto the standards

Antara Shrivastava

The Beagle Groom Box

Best product

Best product for your puppy needs

Jitesh Dave
Value for Money, well packaged and impressive.

Value for Money, well packaged and impressive.

Amazon Customer
Quality suberb as premium rates

Superb quality products but personally my dog don't like paw cream scent

Nice product


I feel bad for my puppy

Worst decision ever! My beagle was a 7week puppy and she never had hair shedding issues until I used this product. It started shedding hair all over and it started to have bald spots everywhere. Pls don’t buy this product if you have a beagle which is less than a year old.

Vidushi Sood
I would skip every product in this except the towel and paw balm.

My beagle responds very badly to this kit. It’s been months and it was one of the first few purchases I made for my puppy when I got him 6 months ago. He breaks into scratchies and gets rashes after using the shampoos. He hates the scent and rubs himself on mats and stinky places to get the scent off. I switched the product and months later used it again only to regret it forever. His back broke into a massive rash and big breakouts. I personally like the paw butter and the scent. Pluto hates it all.

Soft shiny coat, clean buttery paws, and a content canine

Soft shiny coat, clean buttery paws, and a content canine—everything the Captain Zack 8-in-1 groom box assures!

Do you have a fussy puppy who unleashes the full potential of her playful madness when made to take a bath? Well, join the group. My three-year-old beagle, Naina, is quite picky and puckish when it comes to her bath time. She especially doesn't like shampoos/sprays with a strong smell, which makes her amply antsy, thus difficult to manage.

This is where Captain Zack has come to our rescue. The anti-microbial moisturizing shampoo, "Barking Up the Tea Tree", ensures a hassle-free bath experience for not only your dog but also you. Afterwards, a good massage with "My Coat Can Gloat", the leave-in conditioner, makes Naina's coat extra shiny and soft. The icing on the cake is the paw butter, which gives your puppy pal perfectly pedicured paws!

*Add on*: "Bling on the Shine" is the waterless shampoo spray we use every alternate day after Naina's evening walk to give her coat some extra protection (she absolutely loves it when we brush her with it; she doesn't rub her nose against anything and everything in annoyance, like she used to do when we would spray a different product).

*Specialised care*: "Tick'et to Freedom" and "Excuse Me, Fleas" are two shampoos you can use once in a while to ensure your dog is tick- and flea-free.

*Extra goodies*: This 8-in-1 box also comes with a toy (Naina got a ball she is glued to now) and a towel (she thinks that's a toy too and loves to play tug-of-war with it).

Now, let's analyse.


Clinically tested and safe
Vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty free
Effective and long-lasting
Mild smell that doesn't annoy your dog
Elaborate directions for use given on the bottles and in the instructions manual

Not exactly inexpensive

However, I would like to add that you only need to use a small amount of the products each time, so it's a win-win. And, Rs. 1850 for 6 products + 1 towel + 1 toy is a very good deal.

Overall, it's a brilliant product. Go for it without any concern or delay. :P

Complete solution to grooming your dog in one box

When I was recommended to try the captain zach beagle box, I was unsure about what to expect. First of all it comes in an amazing package which includes 8 products for grooming your pet.

My dog sensed that this was something for him and was already jumping up. The toy got him really excited. I was expecting something that wouldn't last but instead got a really good quality toy.

The products are absolutely amazing. Going out for walks where the floor is not smooth does take its toll on the paws. The paw butter works well to keep the paws moisturized and smooth. The waterless shampoo is a blessing when you know it's not time for a bath yet would like your pet to feel clean. I haven't used the flea shampoo yet but will update the review.