The Dachshund Groom Box
The Dachshund Groom Box
The Dachshund Groom Box
The Dachshund Groom Box
The Dachshund Groom Box
The Dachshund Groom Box
The Dachshund Groom Box
The Dachshund Groom Box

The Dachshund Groom Box

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This box fulfills all the grooming requirements your Dachshund has. It is the ultimate grooming box to help maintain their coat whether it’s short-haired, long-haired or wire-haired. If you bathe your dog too often, it washes away the natural oils that make their coat nice and shiny, leaving them with dry fur and skin.

Please Note: You will receive any one veg or one non-veg treat available with us. Also, Toy may vary in shape & color depending on the availability.

1. Shampoo- Once a week, can be used up to 4 washes for 200ml & 1 wash for 50ml. 
2. Waterless Shampoo- If used daily, can last up to 20 washes for 250ml & 5 washes to 50ml. 
3. Paw butter- Apply twice a day on your pet's rough, dray paws & elbows. If used daily, can last up to 30 days.
4. My Coat Can Gloat Conditioner- Use after baths or after using the waterless shampoo. Do not rinse, can last up to 5 times.
5. Towel- Use this soft & absorbent towel for the best post-bath belly rub.
6. Toy- For your pooche's Endless Playtime.

1. Bling On The Shine -250ml
2. Wassup Pup? (Shampoo) – 200 ml
3. My Coat Can Gloat - 100g
4. Pawsitively Smooth -100g
5. Excuse Me, Fleas! - 50ml
6. Tick’et To Fleadom - 50ml
7. Hand Towel
8. Crochet Toy
9. Treats(Veg)/ Treats(Non-Veg)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Praful Joshi
Old tampered product received.

Manufacturer date on the box and products manufacturing dates received in the box is not matching. Box looks like tampered by someone.
Box mfg date is Aug 2019 inside product mfg dates are Nov 2019 and Feb 2020.


Must admit the combo pack is a great product, though didn't need two antiflea products.
The moment the box was opened the first delight was the dach just grabbed it and was overjoyed. The shampoo is simply awesome... could see positive results immediately. The towel and the coat shine is super... Not to forget, the paw butter is the most amazing with a like spa fragrance...
All natural... please Maintain & Sustain the quality Capt Zack !

Zinatra Dsouza
Very Dog Friendly

This groom box is extremely holistic. My dog enjoyed playing and eating with the treats in it. I could see the difference in his coat after just one use of the products. The Paw butter is my personal favourite. The products are extremely safe too especially the spray since the dog can lick it too without any harm.