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Very good

I bought this shampoo after searching on web i ordered one bottle of 50 ml for my white cat shampoo is very good after the bath of my cat 🐈 was so smooth and silky n white but the only problem is 50 ml is too small n tiny bottle can be used only upto 2-3 wash

soumya midha


Miniature Groom Box

Miniature Groom Box


One word *nice* however in our understanding the wipes when ordered were described as fragrance free which isn't the case. Hence was mislead to buy

The best

Everyday after taking my pets for the walk, they play in sand and come home dirty. Captain Zack's wet wipes are my saviour. I just need 2 wipes and they are all clean again. It doesn't have any artificial smell and hence my babies also love it!

Barking Up The Tea Tree Shampoo 200ml

Light Me Up
Smita Toppo
Engaging toy. Steep pricing. Overall good product.

I think it's one of the best toys I got for my pup. However I suggest some toys be made keeping in mind heavy biters and chewers. My crossbreed puppy's teeth are very sharp. He has made a small tear already.
Nonetheless it's really good but we use it sparingly.

Pleasant smell and a must have for all pets

Nice scent

It was a great thing and it has very nice smell but there is small problem life of the scent was very less about 2 hours. Thanks to giving this product🙏

Game Of Bones
Modali Sravani

Game Of Bones

Freaking amazinggg

Ohh goodness me I am litereally amazed by how wonders it is working on man baby I was having a great issue look for a perfect shampoo

Miniature Groom Box
Ashita Nathaniel
Miniature groom box

Love it
pawrfect for my baby
Thankyou captain zack🐶🐾

great product

I can't even begin to tell you how good this paw butter is. FOR REAL, my dog's paws were cracked and rough, i've literally tried so many paw butters and creams for them but they didn't work, but yesterday i recieved 'pawsitively smooth' finally after ordering it, and i just applied it once on his paws before bedtime , and today in the morning, his paws have become so smooth. I WILL DEFINITELY BUY THIS AGAIN i'm so happy with the results.


I loved it! The team so helpfull and the pawsport looks so good in quality.

Gourmet Chicken Jerky Treats Pack Of 3


The packaging and the products inside the groom box are so good and easy to use! Me and my cat just loved it! Thank you so much for this awesome groom box.

Signature Hand Towel
Modali Sravani

Signature Hand Towel

Gourmet Chicken Jerky Treats Pack Of 3

Tea tree shampoo honest review

I keep on trying different shampoo of captain Zack, but I felt this tea tree one is the best.. Nice fragrance and it helped in removal of fleas. My Toby was full of fleas and I was fed up of it, this shampoo cleaned him very well! Thanks!

I've not received the product.

I've not received the product. There is no any intimation of the product arrival.

Treat and shampoo review

Captain Zack Pawsport
Athira Sreekumar

Captain Zack Pawsport

Wassup pup shampoo

My pug has sensitive skin. wassup pup shampoo has improved his coat and my pet loves his bath time

Very good butter than butterscotch eclair

Amazing as a matter of fact I found the smell pleasant and pretty long lasting

The Shih Tzu Groom Box
Shalini Shalini

Love it so much thank youu he feel soo fresh and clean