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Okay but not great

It is okay. But not the quality I expected it to be. Captain Zack product quality is amazing but the bandana was not of that standard



Worth Buying

My little baby pug boy love it so much,thanku from his side to Capt Zack..

Simba's noboborsho gift

Simba absolutely loves it

Totally pawsome

Loved the box. Cute packaging
Kizzy loved the toy.
N we loved the fragrance n softness after the bath of kizzy. N 10/5 for the paw butter i mean after first use only her paws 🐾 were soo softtt 💛

Tropical Apeel Crisp Banana Treats

Tick repellent oil spray

It's really working magically .I have a beautiful female dog and when I take her out for walk in the evening all her admirers the stray dogs come towards her and in that way from the the lices or ticks flies on my baby so to avoid those ticks I decided to order tick repellent oil spray from captain zack and when I applied on my furbaby all the ticks came out at once. We just need to spray and comb their hair for best results. Thanks Captain Zack it's a wonderful product.

Good enough

I was expecting it to deliver an extremely glossy and soft coat. It's good (it does soften and add shine) but I had higher expectations. My dog loves getting it massaged in, which is a plus. This has less fragrance than the paw butter, which is good.

Pawsitively Smooth Paw Butter 100g

High price

Product price high than Amazon or flipkart

Barking Up The Tea Tree Shampoo 200ml



Healthy treat but difficult to dispense

Chew bar was exceptionally difficult for my lab to chew (and he's an aggressive chewer) that he sort of just gave up after 30 mins and held the bar in his mouth. I had to chop it up in to pieces (which required brute force using a machete), microwave it for 30 seconds, wait for it to cool a bit and then give it to him to eat. And he seemed to love it. But just too much work if I need something quick to get and keep his attention.

Cheese Please Himalayan Chew Bars

Rope With Ball Toy

It's a great treat for my puppy.

Fantastic products

Great packaging, fantastic products & lovely backend team. Thanks for your prompt response

Loco for Coco Crunchy Coconut Treats

Miniature Groom Box (for first time pet parents)

The Golden Retriever Groom Box

Best in the market 😊

One of the best thing you could buy and fragrance last long very much satisfied.

Ample Apple Fresh Apple Treats

Though my dog takes fresh fruits but this time she didn't like it as a treat .It looks yummy and hopefully someday she'll grab it all as it totally depend on her moods.She's a hardcore non veg eater.

This is perfect miniature box

Absolutely worth the money, packaging is also amazing. I really love this miniature box and the products. the paw cream does wonder to my dogs rough paws.

Nothing great!

Both the paw butter and the shampoo are very very average .. there's nothing special about them! In fact my dog lost so much hair with the shampoo which he normally doesn't!