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Tick’et To Fleadom Waterless Shampoo 250ml

Miniature Groom Box (for first time pet parents)

The Labrador Groom Box

Fantastic , aromatic

It's winter so bath time have lessened and ergo doggo is kinda smelly , but these fantastic series of products make doggo smell tasty , yes , tasty !


Product was very good

Pawtisserie Box

Miniature Groom Box (for first time pet parents)

Amazing kit

Fully satisfied

Tick’et To Fleadom Waterless Shampoo 250ml


every thing is good except the ticket 'o' fleadom tick repelent spray it is not very effective

Best Grooming kit for cat

I'm so satisfied with grooming kit.

Pawsome shampoo for my pawsome buddy 😃

Great Products.

So my puppy is a naughty one, plays a lot and gets himself dirty almost everyday. He usually runs away from products like shampoo or soap we get from the pet shops here. He doesn't like the smell of feel of it. But when I used the captain zack shampoo on him today, he loved it! He enjoyed his bath like never before. Really happy with captain Zack. Thank you captain Zack. But there's just one thing I'd like to say. Would've been really good if you also offered food for dogs. Just a suggestion btw.

I got German shepherd groom box .I absolutely loved it , my baby boy looks too stunting and handsome, shiny after his bath. I loved the fragrance and its pakka safe to my baby boy . Thank you captain Zack for this amazing product

Great products

The care package is delightful.We,my baby and me we love it.

The Dachshund Groom Box


he loooves it it makes his fur soft too

Wassup Pup? Shampoo 200ml

Very good products...

Love the products ,they really work well for the dogs coat.

The Dachshund Groom Box

The Spitz Groom Box

The Labrador Groom Box

loved it