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Best Pupcake

Banana Le Crunch Pupcake Premix Was really amazing. Tyson loved it so much ❣️


Just Go for it..

My pet loves them!

Good quality product

Thank you captain zack for your wonderful service

Excuse Me, Fleas! Shampoo 200ml

Best Products in the Market!!

Very Good Products

Very good product, my little one is really happy because earlier his paw was dry and rough. After applying this product it's now so smooth and nice good fragrance.

Their products all worth it

24 Carrot Feast Chicken Jerky Treats

Shampoo review

Shampoos is good and smells very good

Very good food

My dogs loves it every time’s a very go to food pack .super convenient while traveling and in case she is bored of her daily food.


Very good results. Shine, stop hairfall, well fragrance long lastick

Absolutely Great

I've been using this for my Blacky (culture pom). No hairfall, no dandruff, no itching. Just works wonder for my girl.

Really Real Chicken Pulao Ready-To-Eat Meals 100g


My golden retriever is such a fussy eater...and he loved it 🤩which is such a big relief for me

Miniature Groom Box
Rutuja Gole

Miniature Groom Box

Really Real Chicken Pulao Ready-To-Eat Meals 100g

Kick the tick


Excellent but a bit costly

IRradicate – Tick Repellent Oil Spray 250ml

Puppy treats

Pls suggest treats for my puppy he’s only 50 days old

Good Food!

My puppy loved the chicken pulao, emptied his bowl so quick!! He digested it well, no side effects occurred.

Shea Pleasure Sniffing You 200ml Pawesome Care Pack of 3


My dog loves it but it is very costly for the quantity received so it as an occasional splurge

Very nice product

Useful atleast 2 months