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A story of the unconditional love a pet parent has for his fur baby!
A serial entrepreneur and an animal lover, Mohit Lalvani owned a beautiful pup- Zack! Despite of numerous pet shampoos he used, Zack had a prolonged itching issue starting mid-age. Ecstatic from the success of the grooming range, Mohit felt the need to build on this brand that would be a catalyst towards solving these problems for all pets and pet parents. After all, ticks, fleas and dirt create all kinds of infections that directly affect the health of a pet.

  • Made with love from one pet parent to another
  • Well researched, innovative and safe range of products
  • Formulated with high quality human grade ingredients
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Deal of the Day!

Deal of the Day!

The Purrfect Cat Groom Box

Grooming your cattos is now made easy with The Purrfect Cat Groom Box. This box includes the entire regimen you need to follow to ensure your cattos are clean, healthy and shiny!

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