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Ready-To-Eat & Ready-To-Cook Because Healthy Pets Live Longer!

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A story of the unconditional love a pet parent has for his fur baby!
A serial entrepreneur and an animal lover, Mohit Lalvani owned a beautiful pup- Zack! Despite of numerous pet shampoos he used, Zack had a prolonged itching issue starting mid-age. Ecstatic from the success of the grooming range, Mohit felt the need to build on this brand that would be a catalyst towards solving these problems for all pets and pet parents. After all, ticks, fleas and dirt create all kinds of infections that directly affect the health of a pet.

  • Made with love from one pet parent to another
  • Well researched, innovative and safe range of products
  • Formulated with high quality human grade ingredients
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Deal of the Day!

Deal of the Day!

Very Veggie Paneer Pulao Ready-To-Eat Meals (300g X 60 Packs) = 18000g

Captain Zack’s Healthy Homestyle ready-to-eat meals combine taste, nutrition, and natural ingredients with all the love and care of a meal prepared at home. It’s pot real paneer, the freshest vegetables, and the healing power of Ashwagandha.

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