Captain Zack's Ten Monsoon Commandments for pet parents!

Captain Zack's Ten Monsoon Commandments for pet parents! - Captain Zack

While you hoomans enjoy the greenery, cold windy weather with a sip of coffee, this season is a tad bit tough one for us (your beloved puppers)

So, Captain Zack brings 10 commandments for you to follow so my fellas are pawtected from the sufferings caused due to this hot and humid weather

1. Ensure your pet is vaccinated against Leptospirosis

Ensure your pet is vaccinated against Leptospirosis. Do bear in mind that there are multiple strains of Leptospira, which are not all covered by the vaccination. If your vet suspects Leptospirosis she/he would recommend a full blood panel and the specialized PCR test to confirm the diagnosis. Early diagnosis will help in a good recovery. Be cautious to check your dog's paws, legs, and body for any open wounds through which this disease can infect them. Do not allow your pet to lick or drink water from the puddles outside during their walks.

2. Make sure your pups wear waterproof rain shoes and a good quality raincoat that covers their entire body

Waterproof rain shoes and a good quality raincoat that covers both the back and the underbelly of the dog would help in reducing your dog getting less mucky during walks. Do ensure that you wipe down your dog well each time they return from a walk with a clean dry towel. Pay close attention to the paws and the webbing between their toes, the legs, and the underbelly.

3. Increase the frequency of your pup’s bathing with a safe dog shampoo that prevents them from ticks and helps to relieve itching too

Since your pet's coat and skin will tend to get soiled more during the monsoon, increase the frequency of bathing with a safe dog shampoo. Use lukewarm water. Take extra care to dry your pet afterward very well, especially between the toes of the paws, the face, ears, armpits, underbelly, and groin areas. You may place a dry cotton wool ball in each ear before a bath and remove it at the end. You can try our dog groom box specially designed to suit their breed.

4. Prevent your pupper from skin infections leading to itching

Skin infections due to increased dampness in the air and surroundings occur more commonly during the rains. Check your dog's skin for any boils, pimples, rashes, redness, etc. Dogs usually suffer from Malassezia which causes itchy skin rashes and burns.

 For instant itch relive and to soothe your pupper’s skin do try our Itch Relief Kit

5. Ensure a good tick and flea prevention

Ticks will continue to be a problem during the monsoons. Ensure you are using good tick and flea prevention. Also, take care to keep your pets deworming against endoparasites up to date.

We’ve got you covered with an all one in solution from tick and fleas – Tick Repellent Kit

6. Examine your pets’ body thoroughly for any small cuts or wounds

Examine your pets’ body for any small cuts or wounds. There is an increased chance of flies being attracted to these and laying fly eggs in wounds which lead to maggots inside wounds. Check under the tail and ensure the anal region is clean and dry.

7. Consult your veterinarian for Gastro-Intestinal diseases

Puppies and sometimes adult dogs are at high risk of getting Gastro-Intestinal diseases one being Parvovirus. If your pet gets loose motions, vomits, or refuses food please consult your veterinarian. If your vet has confirmed Parvovirus using a Snap Test Kit, please avoid walking your dog in an area where other dogs are also brought for walks and pour laundry bleach solution on the spot where your pet has pooped after picking up.

8. Make your puppers feel comfortable especially due to loud thunder and lightning

Many pets get scared and nervous by loud thunder and lightning. I recommend that you keep all the doors and windows of the home shut and hold your pet close to you and comfort them by reassuring them that they are safe with you.

9. Store your pet’s dry food in an airtight container and try to feed them fresh food

Due to higher humidity, opened dog dry food bags could easily spoil by catching a fungus growth. You could store the bag in your fridge if you have the space to keep fresh or store the dry food in multiple smaller airtight boxes and use them one at a time. Buying smaller sized food bags in the monsoon season is highly recommended to avoid this problem.

10. Be vigilant during your dog’s walks for monsoon reptiles that may cause serious health risks


During the rains based on where you live, you may have an increased presence of frogs and toads, house lizards, snakes, etc in the environment. Be vigilant while on walks and also take care that your dog does not chase and try to kill or eat them, as this puts your dog at great risk. In urban cities, rats tend to enter our homes in the rains, they can cause serious health risks to both your pet and you. Avoid your pet eating any wild mushrooms while outdoors too.



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