Taking Care Of Your Pets During Diwali!

Taking Care Of Your Pets During Diwali! - Captain Zack

Taking care of your pets during Diwali !

As the festival of lights approaches and everyone in the house becomes preoccupied with celebrating, some family members become extremely alert and panicky. They may run erratically or whine from beneath the bed, refusing to come out. Yes, the house pets are stressed and confused because of the loud bursting sound of firecrackers. They don't understand what's going on.

When pets are subjected to the loudness and panic of firecrackers, the following occurs:

  1. They become fearful and seek refuge in a corner of the house.
  2. They whine or bark incessantly, begin running around, or become aggressive.
  3. They may feel uneasy or experience palpitations.
  4. Stress causes dogs to salivate, which can lead to dehydration.
  5. Pets may be injured if they run outside unexpectedly and are burned by the crackers.

Tips to ensure your pets stay safe and healthy during Diwali:

Stay calm - Your anxiety can intensify your pet's stress. So, amidst the ear-splitting sound of bursting firecrackers, humans should remain calm and act normally around their four-legged friends.
Keep the noise to a minimum - Keep the doors, windows, and main entrance of the house shut to ensure that there is minimal noise coming from outside. It is an excellent idea to keep your dog in a space where there is little noise from outside. Turn on the television or listen to some soothing music. This will calm your pet and distract him from the sound of the fireworks. Keep your pet as far away from the area where you are bursting firecrackers as possible. You could also cover their ears with earmuffs or a blanket.To help get them away from the noise calm them down with a nice bubble bath with Captain Zack’s Tazsoothe Calming Shampoo.

Spend time with your pets and comfort them - The last thing you want on Diwali is for your pets to be sad and alone while you are busy celebrating. This will only increase their anxiety and agitation. During this difficult time, play with your pets, lavish them with attention, try giving them their favourite treats, and cuddle them so they feel loved and can cope with the noise of exploding firecrackers. If you're throwing a Diwali celebration at home, make sure your pet is included and doesn't feel isolated or left out. Captain Zack’s Ayurveda and Chill Chicken Jerky is the perfect treat to show your pets how much you love them as well as help them feel calmer during this stressful time.

Keep them hydrated - Because of the earsplitting sound of firecrackers, your dog will be panting constantly. This will end up causing him to salivate more, leading to dehydration. As a result, make sure your pet has plenty of water and food during these times. Always keep a water bowl nearby.

Protect them from potential fire hazards - Pets might be agitated and attempt to flee in order to escape the noise. This puts them in danger of being burned by fireworks. If you and your family decide to set off fireworks near your home, or if there are fireworks shows in your neighbourhood, make certain that your dog is not in the vicinity. Close all doors and entrances to prevent your pet from fleeing the house. Assign your dog a familiar and cozy room, and have at least one family member keep a close eye on them at all times. Also, keep diyas and other burnable items in a separate area that your pet cannot access.Keep them occupied with Captain Zack’s Cheese Please Himalayan Chew Bars.

Make sure not to expose pets to toxic materials from firecrackers - The debris left over from burning firecrackers is just as dangerous to pets as the crackers themselves. When the celebrations are over, pets have a tendency to consume the remains of the burnt firecrackers, putting them at significant risk of toxicity from harmful chemicals. As soon as the fireworks display is over, clean up the debris and dispose of it to avoid any health risks to your pet.

Keep them away from the Diwali sweets - Another major risk that all pets face during the festive season is the desire to consume festival foods such as sweets and fried items. Sugar is extremely toxic to dogs and can lead to serious health issues. Do not feed your pets the same food that you eat during the Diwali celebrations. Your pets may be tempted by the sugar and oil-laden treats prepared for the festivities, but make sure they don't eat them. Instead, for Diwali, offer them pet-friendly treats made just for them. As you get busy with festival preparations, don't forget to feed and exercise your four-legged friends.Captain Zack’s Pawtisserie Pupcake Premix is a perfect pet-friendly sweet treat.

Create a safe space for them – During Diwali it’s very important to create a safe space for your pets. This space should consist of a bed for them to relax in, a bowl of water as well as a bowl of food. During a festival like Diwali a safe space gives your pet a place to go to when everything gets a bit too overwhelming for them, here they can relax their stresses by laying in a Comfy Dream Bed or they can calm their nerves with Khichdi filled with the goodness of Ashwagandha

Diwali can be a huge amount of fun, and it's also a wonderful time to spend with family. However, every holiday must be observed responsibly and with consideration for our four-legged family as well.

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