Healthy alternatives to feed your Dog and their benefits!

Healthy alternatives to feed your Dog and their benefits! - Captain Zack

Dogs are omnivores, meaning they can eat meat or plant-based food. In fact, most dog kibble is a combination of meat protein and vegetable matter. One way you can enrich your dog’s diet is by adding extra fruits and vegetables on top of their kibble. This can be especially beneficial for a dog’s suffering from weight problems or diseases, like diabetes.

With that said, your canine companion can enjoy the taste and nutritional benefits of a large variety of different fruits and vegetables. Some of the healthiest fruits and veggies for dogs include:

  • Apples- These are a great source of Vitamins A & C, and packed full of fibre to keep your dog’s digestive system working effectively. Just be sure to remove the core and seeds before feeding an apple to your pet.

  • Bananas- Rich in potassium, vitamins, and copper, bananas are exceptionally sweet, and they’re also safe for your furbaby to eat. Due to their high sugar content, bananas should only be given occasionally and regarded firmly as a treat. 

  • Blueberries- Blueberries are full of antioxidants and fibre, which can help defend your pet from cancer. 

  • Carrots- Carrots are high in vitamins and fibre, and their fibrous nature can brush away tartar, making them good for your dog’s teeth! 

  • Celery- Similar to carrots, celery is another low-calorie vegetable that will naturally scrub your dog’s teeth.
  • Cucumbers- Cucumbers are another safe low-calorie snack for dogs. However, don’t feed your pup too much, since it can cause an upset stomach.
  • Green beans- Fresh green beans are chock full of iron and vitamins, making them a healthy option for your dog. Remember to only feed your pup fresh green beans, as canned ones usually have added salt.
  • Coconut-  Contains Lauric Acid which reduces inflammation and boosts metabolism, it also helps fighting of viruses while also helping bones heal quicker.

  • Green Peas- Rich in Lutein which supports hi hi, skin and heart health.
  • Mango – Rich in vitamins A, B6, C, E and K, minerals as well as flavonoids which assist their immune system, eyesight and bone health.

Captain Zack Dog Treats combine the goodness of vegetables and Chicken in our Non-Veg treats to create a balanced and nutritious treat for your pupper! Our fruit treats are the perfect single ingredient treats to give your pet the treat and health benefits they deserve!

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