How To Protect Strays From Noise Pollution This Festive Season

How To Protect Strays From Noise Pollution This Festive Season - Captain Zack

Unlike a lot of humans, community and stray dogs, cats, birds and others can be scared of fire-crackers, loud drum and percussion bands in street processions and sometimes the bright flood lights too. The loud noises and flashing lights of fireworks can be very frightening for these homeless animals. While it is difficult to fully eliminate the nervousness and fear felt by stray animals, one could try to assist in a small way to help reduce the trauma these animals go through and minimise their stress levels. Here are our top tips for managing the fears of strays in the festive season..

1.Place reflective collars and a tag with the location that the stray animal is from 

Reflective collars are immensely beneficial to keep a street dog safe from the risk of being run over or hit by a motor vehicle or motorcycle. Due to being panic stricken by the loud sounds, strays run helter skelter which is when they could potentially get hit by a moving vehicle on the road. Having the contact number of the feeder or person who knows and cares for the animal, would help in case a stray runs away to an unknown location due to fear.

2.Create a ‘safe place’ inside your home, compound or garage for strays to hide from fireworks

If you are regularly feeding and know the stray animals in your area, identify those who are most sensitive and try to keep them safe in a garage or foster care home on the days when firecrackers are expected to be most . 

3.Encourage people in your area to choose low or no noise firecrackers.

This may be easier said than done- but we are optimists and perseverance always pay off well.


4.Organise a common area or open air playground for people to go to burst crackers.

Achieving this would probably be easier than the former and people would be more willing to embrace doing so. This ensures only a limited place in an area or colony has fearful sounds emanating and the community strays could move away to quieter sections of the area.


5.Be alert to check any animal being mischievously harassed with firecrackers- take a picture or video as evidence and report them to your local police authority.

If there is just one thing that you must do from the above list- its this one! We must have zero tolerance to towards any adult or child consciously being cruel and causing harm to any stray community animal.


The articles mentioned here are created from the experience – professional or personal of the contributors themselves. Please do not try anything without consulting your vet first. The views or opinions expressed on this platform belong solely to the contributors.





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