Monsoon Care Tips for Dogs

Monsoon Care Tips for Dogs - Captain Zack

The monsoons are something we in India are quite used to dealing with ourselves. However, as a new dog parent, you realize just how many troubles the monsoon can bring for our little pups. The rain, high humidity and cooler temperatures are a nice respite from the searing summer heat, but some extra care is required to ensure they don’t mess with your pups skin and stomach. Here are some quick tips to keep your dog healthy and happy even in the heaviest downpours.

1. Keep your pup nice and dry: 
Bacteria and microbes love moisture, and will colonize your pup given the chance. This can lead to issues ranging from skin irritation to full on fungal infections, which can be troublesome and persistent to deal with. At Captain Zack, we believe that prevention is better than cure, and recommend cleaning their paws and using a dry bath right after walks to clean off all the grime, and kill any bacteria that may have found a home on your pets coat. Washing your dog after a walk also helps to remove any acidic rain that might cause some irritation or damage to skin and coat. We recommend using our Barking Up The Tea Tree once a week, with regular dry baths with our Bling On The Shine Dry Shampoo. 
Use a clean towel regularly.

2. Pay special attention to the Paws and other nooks and crannies: 
Paws are the only point of contact between your dog and the ground while on a walk. If you’ve ever looked at your pups paw, you’d be surprised at the level of intricate detail in their design. When one looks at them - all one can think of are the dozen folds and crevices that dirt, bacteria or any other potentially harmful material may have entered. Avoid puddles and standing water as it may hide sharp rocks or glass that could cut or scrape your pup. Keep an eye out for cuts, scrapes or any sharp objects stuck in your pets paws. Also clean these areas thoroughly, using some gentle, antimicrobial wipes such as Wipe Right. For some added protection, use a high quality paw butter such as Pawsitively Smooth Pawbutter.  

3. Watch out for Ticks and other insects looking for refuge:
In the monsoon deluge, little critters such as ticks and fleas are always looking for ways to escape the torrential conditions. They will often hitchhike on unsuspecting pets that wander into their path. Personally, in the monsoons we would recommend keeping your pups off the grassy areas of the garden and more on the paved roads around my building, however if you do venture into the grasses, make sure to check your pet really well for ticks and fleas that may have latched on during the walk. Do not forget inside their ears!  For some added protection, spray on a preventative tick and flea spray before you go out. Use IRradicate Anti Tick and Flea spray after their walks daily to ensure they are protected from any likely tick infestation.

4. Give your pup clean water:
Water borne diseases are rampant in the monsoon. Water contamination is a big issue for us as well as for our pets during these months. Make sure to boil your pups drinking water to avoid any stomach issues or upsets.

5. Give your dog some shelter from the noise:
Anxiety buildup is high during the monsoon months with the loud cracks of thunder and lightning. Most of the pups usually are quite afraid of these stormy conditions, and we often find them curled up under a couch in these conditions. Rather than the cramped space under the couch, we repurposed an old crate, removed the gate, and loaded it up with cozy blankets and my pups favorite toys. This has become the new refuge during any anxious times. Anxiety is something we should always be conscious of, as our pets cannot communicate when they are experiencing it. You can always help out by offering anti-anxiety treats / food such as Ayurveda And Chill Jerky Treats, Ready-To-Eat Pulao and Ready-To-Cook Khichdi.

6. Keep Up-To-Date Vaccinations and regular vet visits:
Germs and bacteria enjoy the humid, monsoon conditions - so get all your pup’s vaccinations in before this season begins! Always check to see that they are up to date, and safeguard them in advance. 

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