Bathing A Pet With Skin Infections/Allergies

Bathing A Pet With Skin Infections/Allergies - Captain Zack

Pets in general have extremely sensitive skin. As a thumb rule, grooming them regularly ensures they stay clean, healthy and free of skin allergies/infections.

Over or under grooming can lead to a host of skin allergies and infections which can cause long term health concerns. Some skin conditions can be treated topically with medication, special medicated shampoos and conditioners, best recommended by a qualified veterinarian.

Regular bathing with a medicated shampoo is essential to keep flare-ups under control. This helps with allergic reactions caused by certain foods/ environment etc., which can lead to a host of bacterial or yeast infections.

Bathe your pet weekly to control the level of allergy causing flakes, dandruff, dermatitis including redness and itchiness as prescribed by your veterinarian.

The following steps will assist in bathing a pet and help soothe skin conditions:

1. Wet the pets’ body neck down thoroughly with room temperature or lukewarm water.

2.Too warm or cold water will irritate inflamed or infected skin, hence, keep in mind that the temperature of the water is lukewarm or just cool.

3. Let the skin and coat soak properly for a few minutes to enable any flakes or dander to loosen up.

4. Always use a hypo-allergenic shampoo first to clean the skin and remove any dirt or dander.

5. This also moisturizes the skin since infected skin will turn red. Use TazSoothe Itch Relief Spray or Shampoo to effectively relieve itching and soothe skin inflammation.

6. Then apply a special medicated shampoo recommended by the veterinarian.

7. Gently massage into the skin and coat, being careful not rubbing too hard to avoid further irritation.

8. Let the shampoo stay in contact with the body for 10 minutes.

9. Thereafter, rinse thoroughly making sure all the shampoo comes off and no residue stays behind. Rinse and rinse some more.

10. If there is a special conditioner to be applied, apply it in the same way as the shampoo and rinse thoroughly until all residue comes off.

11. A conditioner helps with soothing the skin hence, applying it helps deal with dryness, redness and inflammation by moisturizing the sore areas.

12. Towel drying is recommended. Slowly and gently squeeze the excess water from the body using an absorbent towel. Using a dryer is not recommended since the force of the dryer and warm air may irritate the already sensitive skin more. 

                                                                                                                                        13. An instant relief solution would be using the Itch Relief Kit. It will not only calm and soothe your pet's skin but also prevent the infection from spreading.

A sensitive coat and skin need extra care and regular maintenance. Keeping the pets’ coat short is recommended so as to allow application of medication easily and medicated baths are more effective. This allows the medication to get absorbed quickly instead of just staying in the fur or topcoat.

The articles mentioned here are created from the experience – professional or personal of the contributors themselves. Please do not try anything without consulting your vet first. The views or opinions expressed on this platform belong solely to the contributors.

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