Do’s and Don’ts During Monsoon

Do’s and Don’ts During Monsoon - Captain Zack

The rainy season is nature’s way of cleaning up and rejuvenating your surroundings. It would be great to go outside and enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds of the rain with your loyal furry friend. Of course, you should be aware that the rainy season is not exactly ideal weather for dogs. Discomfort and health issues are the main things you should watch out for during the rainy season. While the rain makes everything look beautiful, one cannot deny that sometimes our furry friends need maybe that little bit more attention during the downpour. 

Pet health problems in Monsoon - 

In absence of proper prevention, your pet can suffer various health issues during monsoon season. Due to the high moisture content in the air, it is likely that your canine or feline friend will suffer from several respiratory diseases. Pets mostly suffer from infections of the respiratory tract which may also be related to dog allergy and cat allergy. In order to keep your pets comfortable, you have to make sure their surroundings are warm and dry.



Watch for fleas and ticks in the fur of the pet on daily basis and get a de-tick solution for your pet

Without proper consultation from the vet, you should never use any new product or medication

Paws and fur must be dried and cleaned to save your pet from fungal infection

Don’t allow pets to keep smelling anything lying on the road, during the rainy season. There are increased chances of infection and germs that will cause considerable harm to your pet.

Vaccination and de-worming must be done by the vet before the monsoon begins.

Don’t use any human product on your pooch, be it cleaning product or antiseptic

Make sure to wipe your pet and dry his fur, when he comes back from the walk

Dry bathing is ideal in the monsoon season

Here’s listing a few tips to keep your pet safe this rain season -

1. While taking pets out avoid waterlogged areas as they might be infested with mosquitoes. Avoid long grass so that there can be no tick infestation. Our IRradicate range prevents ticks from attaching to the dog’s body and cleanses the skin, as prevention is always better than cure.

2. Regular baths with antiseptic shampoo takes care of ticks and fleas during monsoon. Captain Zack Barking Up the Tea Tree oil help soothe the coat and skin, reduce skin irritation and inflammation from your furry friends. 

3. Regular grooming routine that involves, brushing, clipping of nails, and routine check-ups is also very important.

4. Some pets are afraid of thunderstorms and lightning, make sure you have something to calm them down during monsoon. A chewy toy they absolutely love, a safe place where they feel secured or a vet prescribed medication can do wonders.

Article By Dr. Jamshyd Cooper

Our Dean Dr.Jamshyd Cooper is a practicing vet who loves animals & teaching pet parents how to better take care of animals. He’s here to clarify and put all our furry doubts at ease!






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