Eliminate pet odor without any toxic chemicals

Eliminate pet odor without any toxic chemicals - Captain Zack

Dogs naturally produce secretions, the purpose of which is to produce scents that allow dogs and other species to recognize other animals in the scent-marking of territory. People frequently blame themselves for this embarrassing situation, believing that they are not adequately caring for their pets. In truth, there are a variety of reasons why some pets have a particular odor. Dogs only sweat in areas that aren't covered with fur, such as the nose and paw pads, as opposed to humans, who sweat all over. Skin illness, dental issues, ear infections, gas, kidney disease, and other conditions can cause dogs to produce odd odors.

Effect of Household Cleaning Products on Pets
Toxins in and around the home are more dangerous to pets than they are to people. Because pets are smaller, they are more likely to come into contact with chemical and pesticide residues on carpets, garage floors, lawns, and other restricted locations. While you can't completely eliminate all of the hazardous chemicals your pet is exposed to, product selection can make a major difference in the chemicals that your pooch is exposed to, especially when it comes to household cleaning products, which are responsible for some of the most dangerous chemicals in our homes. Choosing pet-friendly, safe options ensures that you are doing everything possible to keep your pet safe from these toxic compounds.

Harmful Ingredients in Household Cleaners
The products we use on a regular basis to clean our houses represent greater harm to our pets' health than the germs they claim to kill. According to the EPA, 50 percent of all pet illnesses are caused by indoor pollution, which is linked to the usage of household cleaners. Cleaning products include toxic compounds that can cause allergies, dysfunction, damage, and even death in some cases. Their kidneys, liver, lungs, and other organs are also affected by these toxins.


You should avoid the following components in your household cleaners:

1. Ammonia - Ammonia is a highly alkaline natural product that many people
choose since it is a powerful cleaning agent. Our collared buddies' mucous
membranes are irritated by it.
2. Bleach - When inhaled, ingested, or absorbed via the skin, bleach can be
dangerous. Breathing problems, dizziness, vomiting, and stomach irritation
are symptoms induced by bleach.
3. Formaldehyde - If inhaled or absorbed through the skin, formaldehyde is
considered hazardous. Formaldehyde has been proved to cause cancer in
animals, according to the EPA.
4. Chlorine -Chlorine is a harmful respiratory irritant that can harm your pet's
skin, eyes, and other mucous membranes. All-purpose cleaners, tile scrubs,
and disinfection wipes, laundry detergents, all contain chlorine.
Other harmful ingredients include artificial fragrance, Phenol, Glycol Ethers,
Phthalates, hydrogen peroxide, etc.


Pet-safe Alternatives:
Most cleaning tasks in the house can be done without the use of commercial
chemical-based cleaners, which can be dangerous to pets. The following alternatives are available:

1. Vinegar- Vinegar is a fantastic natural cleaning alternative for odors caused by pets. Spray carpets or floors with vinegar diluted with a little water in a spray
2. Baking Soda- Sprinkle baking soda on your pet's bed or on your couch and
leave it to sit for a few minutes. This neutralizes and absorbs the stink after
which you can vacuum it up.
3. Charcoal Bags- Activated charcoal, like baking soda, can absorb pet scents.
It's as easy as placing the sachets near the source of the odor and letting the
charcoal do the work.
4. Pet-Safe Cleaners- Captain Zack’s natural deodorizer and sanitizer are
formulated using 100% nature-derived ingredients that keep your pets and
their surroundings germ-free and safe!

It's "PetMe, My Floor is Sanitized!" a research-backed, alcohol-free
disinfectant that keeps floors and surfaces clean and bacteria-free. The
surface cleaner is 100% plant-derived, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic & has a
biodegradable formulation that gives 99.9% protection from germs using
nanotechnology to kill all types of bacteria & viruses.
5. Pet grooming products- Including Dog Scents into your dog's grooming
routine also aids in odor elimination. Besides, it's essential to shampoo and
condition your pets on a regular basis. Captain Zack's dog groom boxes have
been carefully curated to fit the needs of all breeds.
6. Wood Pellets - Many cats and puppy owners have learned that clay does not
absorb odors well. Wood pellets, on the other hand, absorb liquid quickly –
along with the odor – and then crumble into sawdust.

Your dog is undoubtedly enamored with its dog scent. After all, it’s their identity mark on the world. However, if there is something unusual about the smell in their body and surroundings, it’s always good to consult with a vet at the earliest.

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