Pet Health and Its Implications on Lifespan

Pet Health and Its Implications on Lifespan - Captain Zack

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened.”
Pets are like the babies that fill our lives with immense love and joy.
And once they've left... It's a nightmare for which none of us is prepared. Although we cannot prevent loved ones from passing away, we can ensure that our paw babies live a healthy life for the little time they are with us.
Besides, our pet babies' lifespan is said to be lengthened by their good health.
Here's how it works:

Fatal skin leads to fatal health
It is said that every organ in the pet’s body affects the skin of the pets and vice versa. For eg, Dermatitis is sometimes seen in association with disorders of internal organs, such as the liver, kidneys, or pancreas. Similarly, tick infection can cause fever, digestive issues and several other ailments in the body.
Besides, a dog’s skin is the largest and most sensitive organ of its body. This is
because their skin is much thinner than human skin, leaving them even more prone to diseases that can actually shorten their lives. Dogs are vulnerable to many skin infections that can adversely affect their health.
This is because
1) Their shorter height brings them closer to the ground, with all the bacteria and
ticks that entails, particularly when they go on walks.
Even when a single tick gets into contact with the dog's coat, an infestation might develop. When fleas are feeding, they’re injecting saliva into the skin causing Lyme disease tick-borne relapsing fever, etc. among many other diseases.
2)The pet skin lacks, acid mantle, a thin layer of skin that covers the outermost skin layer and prevents contamination by viruses and bacteria which leaves them more vulnerable to infections. It is therefore important that the pet shampoo maintains the pH level of your pet’s skin, which would otherwise make them more vulnerable to infections. Captain Zack has designed products that are pH balanced for your pet's skin and free of parabens, which accumulate and cause cancerous lumps when absorbed through the skin.

Healthcare to improve your furries’ lifespan
Health care isn't limited to just veterinary or medical care; it's also something as
simple as keeping pets clean and well-groomed to remove mats, loose fur, and
foreign objects that can become lodged in the skin or paws.
Grooming provides many health benefits for them which may not be immediately
obvious. For example;
1)Brushing your dog ventilates their coat, helping it grow healthy and strong and
removes old and damaged hair.
2)Grooming allows your dog's skin to breathe and reduces the amount of grease in their coat. Too much grease can clog pores, irritate the skin, and trigger plenty of other issues
3)Running a brush through their coat acts as a nice massage that promotes healthy blood circulation.
4)When a dog moults, the loose hair can become tangled, causing matting, which, if not brushed away regularly, can worsen, pulling on the dog's skin and causing uncomfortable sore spots. It has been known for it to get so bad that huge sores develop, which can then become infected, and all of this is concealed beneath their fur, which might go unnoticed if you don't check your dog regularly.
5)Dogs can't tell us where they hurt, so it's important to keep up with grooming
because it allows you to give them a basic health check. Look for matting and sores between their toes, where mud and grass seeds can cluster and cause a lot of discomfort. You can examine their eyes, ears, and feet for any sores, fleas, or general lumps, bumps, and scratches.

A step towards extending the life of your paw baby
Pets are like first babies to most of us. They require nothing but the best and the
safest for their few but wonderful years. Captain Zack focuses on making your pet's voyage as pleasant and chemical-free as possible.

Captain Zack's products are specially formulated for your baby's delicate skin, using natural ingredients that are non-irritating to pet skin and free of artificial color and fragrance. They've gone the extra mile to ensure the products are safe for your babies by getting the products clinically tested and approved.
All of the products contain moisturizing and conditioning effects, making your pet's fur and skin soft and lustrous while also preventing ticks, a rough dry coat, itching, and odor. After all, there is nothing that makes a pet parent so proud as a robust, active dog whose coat gleams with health.

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