Grooming Tips for Indies

Grooming Tips for Indies - Captain Zack

The absolute best dog for an Indian home is an Indian pariah dog. Also referred to as desi, mixed breed, mutt, or an indie dog, almost interchangeably. ‘Pariah’ means an outcast. A more misfitting travesty couldn’t exist — unlike all other exotic breeds, these dogs are native to the Indian subcontinent.

Desi Dogs need minimal to no attention to their grooming. They shed very little and their coat requires almost no maintenance. They are well suited for tropical weather but may not handle extreme cold that well. These Indie Dogs are relatively very clean and have almost zero body odor. They can be given an occasional bath and dry themselves up really quickly in the sun - thanks to their short coat!

Minimal Grooming Requirements

  • Indies are extremely low maintenance
  • They have a short coat which helps withstand India’s tropical climate. They’re easily adaptable to India’s hot and humid climate since they have a great gene pool
  • Less shedding - seasonal and minimal. Since they do not have an undercoat, you won’t have fur flying all over your house
  • Excellent for homes where family members may have fur allergies
  • Less susceptible to diseases, hence you do not have to feed them fancy diets
  • Their immune and digestive systems are excellent

Grooming Tips for Indies

Regular grooming is important for dogs of all breeds – it helps them maintain a shiny, tangle-free coat and gives you the chance to check for parasite infestations and skin issues, improving their overall hygiene. Plus, grooming can be a one-on-one bonding experience for you and your pet.

Even dogs with short, low-maintenance coats need regular brushing, bathing, and nail trimming. Dogs with longer coats may also need fur trimming. While you may wish to schedule regular appointments with a professional groomer – especially when it comes to trimming your dog’s hair – these tips will help you establish an at-home grooming routine with your Indie dog.

  • Indies should be introduced to bathing/grooming slowly and gently
  • They can be put off baths completely if there are any loud sounds involved
  • No big or long showers
  • Water should be cool or slightly lukewarm
  • Use a water mug and bucket to pour water down their body gently and slowly
  • Hand showers or jet sprays are a strict no-no
  • Avoid hand dryers or professional pet dryers
  • Use a fluffy towel to absorb the excess water and allow the fur to air dry naturally
  • Having a short coat and no undercoat ensures that Indie’s don’t get severe tick and flea infestations
  • You may find a stray tick or flea on the body or between the paws but because there isn’t much fur to hide in, they are visible very clearly and can be treated easily
  • Indie’s tend to get lesser ear infections since they have open and erect ears which allow for excellent ventilation
  • Indies tend to stay clean for long periods of time hence, bathing once every few weeks is advised
  • You do not need to invest in a ton of grooming supplies because they need baths less frequently
  • A good neem oil massage 30 minutes before their bath keeps their coat shiny and skin well moisturized
  • Always insert a small cotton ball in each ear before a bath
  • Do not push the cotton ball too far into the ear
  • This prevents water from entering the ears

Things to keep in Mind -

  • Use a curry brush or a pet grooming hand glove to gently brush them once a day
  • Always use a hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner specifically meant for dogs. Always massage gently
  • Post bath, spray a coat serum all over the body (except face – avoid eyes, nose, mouth and ears)
  • A dry shampoo and leave-in conditioner work wonders in between baths
  • Pet wipes are your best friends
  • Please try out the Indie Groom Box by Captain Zack

  • Indie’s can be extremely petrified of getting their nails trimmed
  • Never try and trim their nails at home. Take them to a professional groomer who will use a pet nail filer or to your veterinarian
  • Regular and long walks naturally ensure that the nails remain filed and short
  • Give them lots of treats to ensure good teeth and gum health
  • Good grooming, periodic bathing, and regular skin and ear checks not only help keep your dog healthy but also demonstrate your love for your pet which also gives you’ll quality time together.
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