Importance Of Pet Odour Removal

Importance Of Pet Odour Removal - Captain Zack

Strolling through an endless boulevard with your beloved pet by your side, you breathe in the fresh scents of the season and a delicate whiff passes through, engulfing you in a cloud of mesmerizing fragrance.

You stop, amazed at this beautiful aroma, to see who passed by leaving it behind. You see nobody. Then realization dawns, it is your darling pet who is the source of this heavenly scent.

While this scenario sounds straight out of a dream sequence in a French movie, it is in fact a reality.

After extensive and careful research Captain Zack has launched the ‘Pawtisserie Range’ of pet perfumes inspired by the fragrances wafting out of classic French bakeries!

These are First-of-their-kind perfumes for pets, deliciously fragranced and delicately balanced.

Are we confused?

How is this possible? Do such safe perfumes exist? Are they even available in India? Are they safe for pets? Are they natural? Too many questions but the fragrance still lingers.

Captain Zack's Pawtisserie is a phenomenal range of perfumes specifically designed for pets. They are utterly plush and remind one of a cozy winter day wrapped in a blanket around a warm fire, a cup of hot chocolate in hand. Inspired by classic French bakeries, the wonderful fragrances are a must-have for every pet parent.

This stellar range of fragrances comes in three delicate flavour infusions with luscious ingredients which are super safe for pets and humans too!

These fragrances are infused with undertones of delicious scents and smell like Blueberry, Choconut and Butterscotch. They do not taste sweet at all. They are first-of-their-kind flavoured scents and are not in any way sweet or toxic for our darling fur babies.

The unique range of dog scents have been created with utmost care hence, no nasty chemicals, 100% natural fragrances and paraben-free. Long-lasting and alcohol-free they are non-toxic. Skin-friendly with no irritants to ensure your pets’ skin stays clean and nourished. They also contain Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which are excellent moisturizers. These keep your pets’ coat shiny and skin healthy.

These fragrances last up to 12 hours post-application and are made with human-grade food flavour which means they are absolutely safe for humans too and contain no chocolate or nuts.

Let’s understand why the Pawtisserie Range of pet perfumes is an essential must-have on every pets’ dressing table:

Our pets are our most favourite family members. We can spend days cuddling, hugging and playing with them. However, we don’t particularly love the scents they give off. Animals have their own unique scent which is a natural part of their biology.

While we cannot stop the odours they emit, we can certainly tackle the issues with pet-friendly fragrances which not only smell heavenly but also moisturize our pets’ coat and skin.

Removing pet odour not only freshens your pet, but it also makes your home smell amazing and more inviting.

You can do all the cleaning in the world, but your pets’ special odour will make it difficult to manage things in general. Grooming your pet is a must, but along with regular baths and pet wipe cleansing, a good pet perfume adds a wonderful tone to your pet’s personality and hygiene. Giving your pet a bath daily is not recommended nor is it feasible. Their coat and skin are extremely delicate, and these parts need to be maintained well. The Captain Zack Pawtisserie Range of pet perfumes deflects unwanted odours and moisturizes your pets’ coat and skin.

Captain Zack is always looking to add immense safety and value to their offerings and the Pawtisserie Range is one such commitment to ensuring pets receive the greatest care with maximum safety. It is extremely important to note that pets should not be fed any sort of desserts/sugary items since these are toxic and hazardous for their health. Please also remember that these fragrances are absolutely pet safe and have no sweet flavours in their composition. These are heavenly scents inspired by vintage French Bakeries. The endeavor is to bring emotional value through these fragrances wherein you get to build a deeper bond with your pet.

Apply them gently on your best bud at any time of day and watch them attract a whole lot of attention along with a fan following which will be hard to manage.

Make the Captain Zack Pawtisserie Range of pet perfumes a regular part of your pets’ life and eliminate unpleasant odours from your home.

Their coat will stay well-maintained and healthy, something your pet will thank you for immensely!

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Juhi Pawar
Founder, Furry Friend’s Grooming Salon &
Pet Grooming Faculty Captain Zack’s University of Barkley


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