Pet cologne: To Make Your Fur Baby Feel Luxurious

Pet cologne: To Make Your Fur Baby Feel Luxurious - Captain Zack

She enters the room smelling like luxury - her mane sleek and sheen, her walk confident, her eyes deep as the sea, and the tail wags with pride, as she is unbothered by all the eyes on her.
Fragrances are one of those things that may instantly improve your mood, and your pet is no exception. A fragrance is a lot like a signature that is unique to every individual. And therefore, it must be chosen carefully, especially when it is for your canine friend!
You read that right! You can spray your Pooch baby with some cologne just like you’d splash on yourself after your morning shower. Dogs live their entire lives through their noses, detecting everything from drugs to cancer to garbage bags. So why shouldn't they be able to appreciate the scent as well?




Why use a dog cologne?
“Dear Doggo, the day has come, and you have earned it! It's been months since you've had a date night, so you're going to enjoy the joys of "treats" and feeling fantastic. Your hair is perfectly coiffed, and you wear a fierce coat. Now you just need the right fragrance to match this bombshell date night look.”
Even if you pay close attention to your pet dog's hygiene, there will be days when he stinks. This could be due to more than simply dirt or dust; it could also be due to moisture in the air.
So, if you have a big occasion coming up and want your dog to look and smell wonderful, you'll need to indulge in dog perfumes. These unique scents are made with dog-safe ingredients and will not bother your pet's coat.

Is a dog cologne safe & worth it?
Dog scents and cologne were once considered ridiculous, but now they appear to be a perfectly normal and logical item to purchase for your pet. Dog perfume is no different from scented dog products, which have been around for a long time and are mainly in the form of shampoos and conditioners.
Dog scents are particularly created without irritants that might affect the skin, eyes, or nose of the animal. Needless to say, don't assume to be able to apply your own perfumes on your paw babies. They also shouldn't replace regular bathing. Most dog colognes and perfumes do not contain alcohol, which prevents your dog's skin from drying out. As a result, they will not induce allergies in healthy dogs. Captain Zack’s water-based colognes are free from alcohol, silicone, parabens, formaldehyde, toxins, and other dangerous ingredients. They're also pH-balanced, vegan, and certified by veterinarians.

Choosing the right fragrance
While a perfume may say a lot about one's personality, we'd be lying if we said picking the right one isn't difficult. Spritzing with Captain Zack's zesty, apple extract & green tea-infused scent will quickly make your pet feel a little more polished. When it comes to canine scents, there's more to consider than just having your pooch smell good. You need to find safe dog products that cause no irritation to his skin or coat. Ingredients will be by far the most crucial factor in your buying decision. It's difficult to find formulas that are 100 percent natural when you're trying to make your dog smell good.

Captain Zack’s range of pet cologne
Captain Zack’s dog scents and cologne will make your pet smell like a dream at a fraction of the cost. They're just as effective in making your pet feel good and lifting their mood. Natural ingredients are thought to provide a more complex, unusual, and richer aroma. The rare ingredients used in the cologne can make your dog smell unique. Captain Zack’s pet colognes come in 5 different flavors - Jasmine, Apple & Green Tea, Butterscotch Eclair, Blueberry Clafouti & Choconut Gateau. You need not think much before using these colognes on your pet as they are gentle and alcohol-free. This spray is safe to use on pets older than six weeks. The enriching properties of Vitamin E and Aloe Vera in the spray can even make your pet’s coat look shinier. Pet cologne certainly makes for a more pleasant experience for your canine friend when meeting and greeting people in the outside world. So let a swoosh of alluring colognes change things around for you.

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