Pet Skin Care: Why Your Pet’s Sensitive Skin Needs Special Care

Dog testing

We frequently come across makeup and beauty brands that profit from animal testing in deplorable ways. As unethical and horrible as it may appear, this is something that every pet parent should give a thought to in order to provide better care for their pets.

What is the purpose of animal testing?

The skin of a pet is 5 times more sensitive than that of a human. Our companions with tails only have three layers of cells in the epidermis, but humans have 10-15 cells.

As a result, their skin is more likely to react to a product in a way that is hyper-allergenic than on human skin. It's essential to choose carefully what gets on your pet's skin.

How essential is your pet’s skin to their well-being?
Your pet’s skin is a part of their immune system, which creates a barrier between the pathogens in the environment, and the vital organs of your pet’s body. Therefore, the health of your pet’s skin determines their health and well-being.

Understand your fur friend’s needs!
Although the skin of each dog and cat breed is similar, it may require a different level of care. As a result, it's essential to understand their needs.
The layers of your dog's fur coat, for example, act as insulators, keeping them cool in the summer by blocking out heat while also protecting their skin from UV radiation. While Golden Retrievers, with their double coat, can adapt to a sunny atmosphere, a Poodle may get a rash. St Bernards, on the other hand, are accustomed to being in a chilly environment, but other pooch babies may develop dry skin if kept in an air-conditioned environment.

Captain Zack has dog groom boxes specific to several breeds to meet their skin & fur requirements.

Common skin concerns and root causes
The acid mantle theory suggests that skin acidity acts as a protective barrier against cutaneous microbial infection. Human skin has a pH range of 4.5 to 6.0, whereas canine and feline skin has a pH range of 5.5 to 7.5, which is more alkaline than human skin. Therefore, they are more prone to skin infections.

The most exposed skin area on the body, the paws, is sensitive to a range of infections that we tend to overlook. As a result, paw care is as important as any other aspect of your dog's grooming routine. We have treatments for your pet, such as dog paw cleaners with dessert-inspired scents.
It is understandable that even factors such as environmental changes, humidity content, food, bacteria/fungal infection, and others might cause skin irritation in pets. Common symptoms in a pet baby with sensitive skin/a skin concern include itching, dry flaky skin, red irritation, hot spots, biting their skin, etc.

How to care for your baby’s sensitive skin?
1. Diet - Protein and energy are needed for skin and haircoat development. Whether you buy your dog food or make it yourself, your dog needs a balanced diet to stay healthy. That includes a mix of: Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals & Water.

2. Caressing- Take a cuddle break with your four-legged friend. You discover lumps and bumps while they are still small, making them easier to remove.

3. Grooming- Fleas may also cause skin allergies and can transmit other parasites, such as tapeworms, to your pets. Lukewarm water and a mild flea shampoo, can help get fleas off your pet’s fur and skin. Our tick repellent pet groom box collection is designed to keep your little one safe from ticks and irritation.

4. Brushing - Petting and brushing your pet distributes natural oils that contribute to overall skin health. This special time also allows you to discover any matted fur that might be lurking.

5. Optimal Environment- Some dogs are extremely sensitive to weather changes, which can cause skin allergies. When the weather changes, pay special attention to your pet's skin and adjust their environment accordingly.

Compounds to avoid in your Pet’s grooming products
There's a wide range of pet care products that can enhance your dog or cat's health, safety, and happiness. However, there are several substances found in many products that are harmful to your pet babies. You should avoid products with components such as:
1. Parabens- According to a 2004 study, parabens have been identified as a cause of breast cancer in humans as it is easily absorbed through the skin and alters the hormone system. Because pets' skin has fewer layers than humans', they may experience severe discomfort or dermatitis.

2. Artificial Fragrance- Animals' bodies begin to react when they come in contact with synthetic perfumes. The liver can become toxic, causing digestive problems as well as immune and musculoskeletal complaints.

3. Artificial colours - Many artificial colours contain tar and lead, both of which have been proven to cause cancer. Artificial colours have also been linked to skin disorders in dogs,

4. pH balance- A good dog shampoo will be formulated specifically to maintain your dog’s all-important pH levels. Make sure you check the product label before you buy to be 100% certain.

Captain Zack's pet care products are created with your pet baby's skin concerns in mind, as well as their breed for which there are several pet groom boxes to choose from. The products are formulated paraben-free, without any artificial fragrance, free of harmful chemicals, pH balanced for pets and vegan and cruelty-free, and are scientifically backed.
They are developed after extensive research, clinically tested, and made keeping in mind a high safety factor for your fur friends. The pet care market has plenty of products for adult dogs, which is the gap Captain Zack aims to bridge, by curating puppy products for your newbies.
Their range of products contains natural skin moisturisers, such as Shea Butter & Jojoba oil that gets your Snoopy’s skin condition back to its former glory. Calendula Oil helps soothe and treat skin inflammatory disorders, while lavender and geranium oil work as natural insect repellents.
All-in-all, the products are made with essential oils and plant-based natural extracts, that’s leaves your fur baby feeling pawsitive and healthy.

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