Puppy Parenting 101: Things to keep in mind

Puppy Parenting 101: Things to keep in mind - Captain Zack

Congratulations on bringing your fur baby home! Raising a puppy as fun and rewarding as it is, is also a huge responsibility just like taking care of a baby!

But don’t worry Captain Zack is here to help and make this transition a little smoother by answering some questions that must be running through your mind!

When should I take my new puppy to the vet?

Ideally you should take your puppy to the vet within 48 hours of bring them home.

How can I provide permanent identification for my puppy?

The most widely recommend pet identification device is the microchip. This tiny device is implanted with a needle much like administering an injection. A special scanner can detect these chips; veterinary hospitals across the country have these scanners.

When and why should my puppy be vaccinated?

Vaccines start at 6 weeks of age but consulting your vet before you start the course. Your puppy needs to be vaccinated to protect them against preventable diseases. 

When should I deworm my puppy?

Deworming generally starts at 2 weeks of age and has to be done every two weeks till 6 months of age. 

How should I groom my puppy?

Giving your puppy a bath is not advisable till they start their vaccinations but basic hygiene like using a dry shampoo or cleaning with wipes can start at 4 weeks old. Consult your vet before giving them a bath. Use puppy products which are sulphate-free and made with 100% natural active only.

How can I prevent my puppy from getting ticks & fleas?

Checking your puppies coat and keeping their environment clean is absolutely essential to prevent ticks & fleas. Use products labelled for tick & flea prevention but do make sure they’re safe for puppies or consult your vet for recommended products.

What do I feed my puppy?

Making sure your puppy gets the nutrients they require is imperative so make sure you give them food classified as puppy grade. You can also give them egg and chicken after 6 months for a more wholesome diet. Consulting a pet nutritionist for the same will really help you choose the best for your pet.

How much exercise does my puppy require?

In 1 word, LOTS! Puppies tend to sleep a lot so when they wake up well rested they have a lot of energy to burn so make sure to play some fetch or just make them run around. Once your vet clears them to go for walks, that will be a great way to burn some energy and calories so your pupper stays fit!

 If you have more puppy related questions, you can head over to Captain Zack’s University of Barkley or Consult our Vet here.



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