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Dogs are man’s best friends. They know when you’re happy or sad, but do you know that about them too? Sometimes your pooch may feel sad or riled up and it’s important for you to take heed of the same. Here are a few examples of a dog’s various emotions and how to identify them.

1. Happy And Non-Confrontational

If you see that your dog’s ears are flying up, and the tongue is out with his/her tail wagging, then you are safe! It means that your dog feels secure and relaxed. He/she isn’t going to chase you or bark, but it may not want to come and play either. If the dog is energetic and jumpy then it is a sign that it wants to play.

2. Alert

Courtesy: moderndogmagazine

If your pooch has detected something unusual and unfamiliar then the tail will be stiff, and your pooch will also be standing stiff and alert. If his mouth is closed and his ears are leaning forward, it shows that he is assessing the situations and determining the appropriate response i.e. whether he should run or be aggressive. So watch out for that!

3. Aggressive


This is one of the easiest emotions to identify and you should not interfere with it unless you have a good relationship with your pooch. The tail is stiff and raised. The dog while standing is leaning forward, almost as though it is going to start running. Its teeth are exposed, and you may hear a soft growling sound. If it starts to bark at things, it is best to calm him/her down as soon as possible.

4. Fearful

Courtesy: zenapet

If the dog is frightened or under stress, its position is almost completely opposite to that of being in attack mode. However, if pressured it may bite and run. Its ears will droop, and the body will be arched backwards. Its hair will also be raised and lips slightly parted. You will also hear a few moaning sounds. If the dog is really threatened and stressed, then it could roll back and lie on its back. So, be gentle with your pooch and show it some love and affection.

5. Playfulness

Courtesy: mugglenet

This is the best time to show your dog love! The tail will be wagging frantically, and the tongue will be protruding outwards. Just a heads up, he/she will be very excited and will also jump around and be unaware of the surroundings. You will also notice that they will start panting and their backs will tend to bend. That’s cute, right!

These are a few signs seen in most dogs and they maybe different for different breeds. Moral of the story? Always love and care for them!

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