Monsoon Diet Tips

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Monsoon Diet Tips

Monsoon is here and with the season change it’s crucial to alter your pet’s diet & petcare products


Pets tend to stay indoors during the rains and hence the total calories they need from the food goes down. They need a high fibre, high protein diet and low calorie diet to prevent obesity and other related issues. Give them fresh meals to avoid any kind of fungus or mould in the packaged food due to high humidity levels you can also give them healthy dog treats. Home cooked diets and wet foods are ideal for this season as they ensure the required amount of moisture.


Right diet helps to fight the yeast build up. It helps in improving their immunity as they are prone to infections in the rainy season. The diet should contain Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Omega 3 fatty acids as they help boost immunity and are also anti- inflammatory. Broccoli, Papaya, apples, eggs, fish, flax seeds, chia seeds, healthy dog treats etc can be added to their diet to make sure they get these nutrients.

Proteins like Chicken, Paneer (cottage cheese), Fish, Lamb can also be a part of the diet. It’s ideal to divide portions of each meal as per their activity levels.


Balanced, fibrous food ensures proper digestion and regular bowel movements. It also helps in maintaining good metabolism. As the outdoor activities decrease it’s good to engage them in indoor activities to make sure they don’t gain weight.


Make sure dogs have access to clean, fresh drinking water to avoid Diarrhoea and other stomach related problems. Plain buttermilk is a good addition to your pet’s diet. Add bananas to their snacks or meals as it helps in digestion. Fibre - rich foods include pumpkin, sweet potatoes and carrots.

New born puppies are more prone to getting infections in the rainy season. It’s necessary to feed them a diet which contains colostrum.

Make sure your pets are vaccinated and de-wormed before the monsoon begins.

Avoid raw meat, raw chicken, excessive fibrous vegetables and raw or cooked bones instead give puppy treats. Do not over feed them. If you are feeding packaged food make sure it is not kept in open air to avoid contamination. Consumption of contaminated food and water can lead to digestion issues and gastroenteritis. Store packaged food in air tight containers.


Article By

Srishti Bhatia,

Founder – Fresh For Paws


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